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By TM Lighting

NEW – RIVO Series

On 30, Nov 2017 | In News | By TM Lighting

The RIVO Forty is the latest addition to the TM Lighting range of contemporary accent lights, offering the high-performance of TM’s LED technology, within a distinctive retro-classic style for the discerning, design-led client. More info



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Slim Light Pro

On 14, Jul 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

TM Lighting’s Slim Light Pro is the next generation in superior LED picture lighting. Previously, there was a compromise between scale and performance; Slim Light Pro offers a sleek minimal aesthetic with high performance. More info



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ZeroSeries Accent Lights

On 14, Jul 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

TM Lighting’s ZeroSeries accent lights offer superior quality of light and high 96+ CRI for lighting art in gallery, residential and contemporary spaces. More info



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Modern Lighting Techniques for the Historic Interior

On 20, Dec 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

Modern Lighting Techniques for the Historic Interior
Friday, 2nd February 2018
We are delighted to be hosting a Study Day with Historic Decoration at Syon House, led by Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs, Co-Founders of TM Lighting.
Artwork lighting experts Andrew and Harry will discuss the benefits of introducing modern lighting techniques into historic properties; from enhancing the visual presentation of art collections, to how low-energy LED products result in improvements to the conservation of work, as well as considerable energy and cost-savings. Booking via the Historic Decoration website.




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By TM Lighting

TM Lighting on panel at Share Museums East Collections Care Conference ‘Is Seeing Believing?’

On 29, Jan 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

On 18th January 2018, TM Lighting joined the panel at the annual Share Museums East Collections Care Conference ‘Is Seeing Believing?’
In association with the University of Cambridge Museums Collections Care and Conservation Programme explored the current challenges in heritage lighting.

Much has been written over the years about light in museums, galleries and historic properties. Monitoring equipment and scientific data is more accessible than ever before. But where do we go from here? What do we do with the data? How do we apply this knowledge? And what does it mean for the smallest to the largest of collection?

TM Lighting discussed the benefits of using LEDs in galleries and heritage spaces, including quality of light, sensitivity of light, and product selections.

The panel included:

Mick Stanley, Independent Researcher – Introduction to lighting in general and Government Indemnity Scheme requirements

Chris Woods, National Conservation Services – Standards and Guidelines, PAS 198 and EN16893 etc

Analytik – current available technology and technological limitation

Helena Rodwell, Fitzwilliam Museum – Light mapping

Vicky Singleton, UCM Zoology and National Army Museum – lighting commissioning and fitting during major works

Read more



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‘Planet on Fire’ Art Exhibition at TM Lighting

On 22, Aug 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

28th September – 15th December 2017 (weekdays by appointment).

From 27th September, an exhibition of work by contemporary artists, Tamsin Relly and Henry Hussey, will go on display for three months at TM Lighting. Curated by Jo Baring of the Ingram Collection, the exhibition is a collaboration with TM Lighting as part of our ongoing programme of exhibitions supporting emerging artists.

Hussey and Relly will collaborate for the first time in a two-person exhibition ‘Planet on Fire’. Their works both address current socio-political and environmental issues. Relly’s multi-layered, tonal and expressive paintings will juxtapose Hussey’s bold striking works in tapestry, alongside a selection of new original prints by both artists.

Baring comments “It’s wonderful to collaborate with TM Lighting to provide a platform to show the work of two such exciting artists at a similar stage in their career, having shown together in past group shows this is the first time they will present an exhibition as a duo. In different ways, each are responding to a world in crises. Hussey’s work with a more socio-political emphasis, and Relly’s from more of an environmental angle – global warming, extinction of species, and depletion of ecosystems. The result is a vibrant and thought-provoking exhibition.”

Images: Left, Henry Hussey, detail of Bestiary, 2017, Right, Tamsin Relly, detail of River Dolphin 2017

Private View: 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Wednesday 27th September 2017
Dates of exhibition: 28th September – 15th December 2017

Closing event: Artist & Curator Talk, at TM Lighting 6.30pm – 8.30pm, 13th December 2017.

Opening hours: Weekdays during office open hours, by prior appointment only.
Venue: TM Lighting, Unit 10, 21 Wren Street, London, WC1X 0HF

Artists websites:
Henry Hussey

TM Lighting are pleased to support artists through hosting annual exhibitions and providing complimentary exhibition space. All artworks shown in the exhibition are for sale and TM Lighting do not take any commission.

For further information and images please contact
Download Press Release



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By TM Lighting

TM Lighting and Seam Design illuminate ‘Transmission’ by Ross Lovegrove for London Design Festival

On 20, Sep 2017 | In News | By TM Lighting

Lighting up ‘Transmission’ by Ross Lovegrove at the V&A

Architectural lighting specialists, SEAM Design, has partnered with lighting experts, TM Lighting to light Ross Lovegrove’s installation ‘Transmission’, presented by Alcantara at the V&A as part of London Design Festival, 16 – 24th September 2017.

Transmission is a collaboration between Alcantara and British designer, Ross Lovegrove, on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Tapestries Room for London Design Festival. Inspired by the 15th century Devonshire Hunting Tapestries at the V&A, Lovegrove created a spectacular 21-metre-long fluid and free-standing three-dimensional tapestry, which is made entirely from Alcantara®, the renowned Italian material. A tactile and pliable material, the soft undulating folds of the installation reflect and highlight both colours and forms of the medieval tapestries. The versatility of the material is highlighted in the different methods of treatment, including colouring and embellishment.

Championing innovation and excellence in lighting design, SEAM Design has created the lighting for a number of landmark installations at the museum since 2011. Following three previously successful world-class lighting designs at the V&A with TM Lighting, they embarked on a new collaboration for Lovegrove’s visionary installation to provide LED accent spots to illuminate the installation. Choosing TM Lighting is a result of their continued research and investment into a range of products that matches and often surpasses museum-grade lighting in terms of light quality and light distribution.

“We’re excited to be invited once again by London Design Festival to provide specialist art lighting at The V&A in collaboration with Seam Design. This year, to illuminate Ross Lovegrove’s ‘Transmission’, we’ve utilised our new TM Zero 150 gallery LED spotlight which provides a focused beam ideal for museum ceiling heights to beautifully highlight the undulating folds and loops in Alcantara’s® unique textural material, framing scenes within the V&A’s historic tapestries, whilst also considering conservation light levels to preserve the delicate fabrics.”
Harry Triggs, Founder and Director, TM Lighting

The design concept was to provide specialist lighting that would bring out the rich colours within the unique fabric, which has been specially dyed to colour-match tones within the surrounding tapestries, and delicately light the top edges in the loops of Alcantara® where viewers can intuitively consider the tapestry through the evocative folds of the material. The design of the artwork frames particular themes and scenes within the tapestries to view through the folds, creating an interactive experience for visitors, which merges design, creativity and art. It was therefore important for the lighting to be carefully positioned, working within tight angles to highlight the textures and faces of the frames only, and not the sides of the folds. Through a simple system, the lighting provides multi-layered experiences of the ‘Transmission’ as the centrepiece by illuminating the continuous ribbon of fabric as well as the surrounding historical tapestries in the room. It’s shaped to create a continuous curtain of light that falls on the edges of the folds on both sides of the sculpture, where visitors can appreciate and experience the piece in its finer details.

“The aim of the design was to not detract from the tapestries themselves, whilst focusing the attention on ‘Transmission’. The challenge was to feature the installation as a centrepiece and connect it to the tapestries, to create an artistic ambiance. Whist ‘Transmission’ is the singular sculptural object in the room, it also invites visitors to experience the tapestries in a different way by framing elements of their compositions through the loops. The balance of the light projecting onto the centrepiece and tapestries helps to tie these pieces together to create an immersive art experience.”
Marci Song, Director, SEAM Design

The lighting makes the colours rich and vibrant, highlighting the gold thread detail that creates a beautiful undulating highlight of continual light along the top of the folds where a 2700k warm light level was implemented to work with the dimly lit, serenity and stillness of the Tapestry room. Providing a bespoke lighting solution that brings art to light, the installation sees the launch of the new, innovative Zero 150 Gallery Spotlight, which features no forward heat throw or UV rays. The design is entirely focussed on the installation and not the delicate tapestries where careful monitoring the ambient light levels is in place to ensure levels do not reach beyond 50 lux. The 15th century tapestries are priceless pieces of art, which are therefore sensitive to UV light. This design consideration was accommodated by using the best choice of spotlights and UV levels. Warming filters were also utilised to draw out the depth and richness of the colours and textures of the fabric to create a ‘light curtain’ across the folds of the sculpture. This accentuates the continuous ribbon that occupies the length of the Tapestry Room. The result is a balance between the lighting of the tapestries and lighting for the sculpture that creates an interaction between ‘Transmission’ and the tapestries, where the tapestries can be viewed in a new dimension. Sometimes their beauty and detail is overlooked, but the lighting design has brought a new way of viewing the pieces, showcasing the beautiful colours, textures and detail that invites the viewer to appreciate these aspects in a way that has gone unnoticed.

Transmission: Ross Lovegrove
Tapestries, Room 94
16 September to 8 October 2017

Image credits: ©Ross Lovegrove

Project specification
Transmission installation L25m x H1.8m x W1m.
Tapestry Room is 7.3m high, 5.3m from the top of the piece.
Estimated 26-28 Zero150 required to light the piece.

About SEAM Design

SEAM Design have also provided lighting design for the Reflection Room by Flynn Talbot, an immersive coloured light experience that will be the first London Design Festival installation to be housed in the Prince Consort Gallery.

SEAM Design is a London architectural lighting design studio providing services to residential clients, architects and other design consultants.

About TM Lighting

TM Lighting provided lighting for previous editions of London Design Festival at V&A including FOIL, by Benjamin Hubert, Layer, in 2016, and the Ogham Wall installations for Grafton Architects in 2015.

TM Lighting is the designer and manufacturer of a new generation of LED lighting products for the art world. 



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Vote for TM Lighting Slim Light Pro and Rivo Forty in Darc Awards – Architectural

On 14, Jul 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

TM Lighting have entered two new products into the Darc Awards Architectural, 2017, and we’d like to invite you to vote for the best lighting products entered this year.

Vote for our entries!
Are you an independent architectural lighting designer or light artist? Please take a moment to vote for one of our products, by 9th August – independent architectural lighting designers are eligible to vote and will have an opportunity to receive a ticket to the Darc night!


TM Lighting’s new RIVO Forty is the latest addition to the TM Lighting’s range of contemporary accent lights, offering the high-performance of TM’s LED technology, within a distinctive retro-classic style for the discerning, design-led client.

TM Lighting Slim Light Pro

VOTE Slim Light Pro

TM Lighting’s Slim Light Pro is the next generation in superior LED picture lighting. Previously, there was a compromise between scale and performance; Clients and interior designers often choose a minimal aesthetic over performance. Now, they can have both…


Please view our entries and follow the vote section VOTE section

*Please note:
• The voting period is July 12 – August 09, 2017.
• Only independent architectural lighting designers or light artists are eligible to vote (no members of the public and no suppliers of any sort including manufacturers or distributors who provide a lighting design service).
Tickets are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis. See the full T&Cs here.