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By TM Lighting

NEW – RIVO Series

On 30, Nov 2017 | In News | By TM Lighting

The RIVO Forty is the latest addition to the TM Lighting range of contemporary accent lights, offering the high-performance of TM’s LED technology, within a distinctive retro-classic style for the discerning, design-led client. More info



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Slim Light Pro

On 14, Jul 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

TM Lighting’s Slim Light Pro is the next generation in superior LED picture lighting. Previously, there was a compromise between scale and performance; Slim Light Pro offers a sleek minimal aesthetic with high performance. More info



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ZeroSeries Accent Lights

On 14, Jul 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

TM Lighting’s ZeroSeries accent lights offer superior quality of light and high 96+ CRI for lighting art in gallery, residential and contemporary spaces. More info



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Lighting the way for Modern and Contemporary Sculpture at Masterpiece London 2019

On 14, Jun 2019 | In News | By admin

TM lighting illuminates The Masterpiece London Sculpture Series 2019

TM Lighting has partnered once again with Masterpiece London, the capital’s leading cross-collecting fair (27th June – 3rd July 2019), as art lighting specialists including lighting a series of major sculptures and installations using TM Lighting’s exceptional LED products.

The partnership follows a series of high-profile projects from TM Lighting including Historic Royal Palaces Hillsborough Castle, The Rothschild Foundation, The Wellington Collection at English Heritage Apsley House, Sotheby’s Old Masters Sale at Victoria Beckham’s Dover Street boutique, Mayfair, and Damien Hirst’s 24ft crystal encrusted ‘Pegasus’ at Brasserie of Light, Selfridges, London.


The Masterpiece London Sculpture Series

Monumental works of art located in walkways throughout the fair this year will be specially lit by TM Lighting. Curated by Jo Baring, Director of the Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art, The Masterpiece London Sculpture Series 2019 will showcase dynamic modern and contemporary works by celebrated artists. The sculptures presented are made from different and sometimes unusual materials, encouraging visitors to challenge their perceptions about sculpture.

Selected works included Gary Hume’s ‘American Tan VII’ from the New Art Centre, along with Pangolin London artist Susie MacMurray’s handmade chainmail work entitled ‘Medusa’.

Below is an outline of the exhibits, spaces and installations to be lit by TM Lighting at Masterpiece London, 2019:

Gary Hume, ‘American Tan VII’ (2006-7) in bronze.           Tony Cragg, ‘Bust’ (2014)


  • A large-scale stainless-steel work by Zheng Lu, ‘Water in Dripping – Chao’ (2016), presented by Sundaram Tagore Gallery
  • Five sculptures by Pietro Consagra presented by Robilant+Voena Gallery including a red Sant Agata marble piece, ‘Pietra Matta di San Vito No. 13’ (1972); a Verde Assoluto marble piece ‘Absolute Green (Verde Assoluto) (1991)’; a bronze work, ‘Racconto del Demonio No. 5’ (1962); and two painted iron pieces ‘Ferro Trasparente Carminio’ and ‘Ferro Trasparente Bianco V (1966)’.
  • A copper chainmail work ‘Medusa’ (2014-15) by Susie MacMurray, presented by Pangolin London
  • New Art Centre’s presentation of renowned British artist Gary Hume, ‘American Tan VII’ (2006-7) in bronze.
  • A work by celebrated British artist, Tony Cragg, ‘Bust’ (2014) in stainless steel, exhibited by Jerome Zodo Gallery


TM Lighting will also light the following spaces and works within exhibitor stands:

John Mitchell Fine Paintings at Masterpiece London 2019
  • The Masterpiece Private Dining Room designed by Natalia Miyar featuring exquisite hand painted wallpaper by Fromental.
  • The Savills Lounge at Masterpiece designed by 1508 Interior Design, featuring artworks lit by TM Lighting’s superior LED Slim Light Pro picture lights, finished in antique bronze.
  • TM Lighting will again light Offer Waterman’s stand D1, this year featuring work by Frank Bowling RA, David Hockney, Ben Nicholson, and Tony Bevan.
  • TM Lighting will provide specialist art lighting for Philip Mould & Company, stand A3, leading specialist dealer in British art and Old Masters.
  • Trinity House, stand B22, presenting an important work by British artist Peter Lanyon, Climb Out, 1964
  • TM Lighting will illuminate timepieces showcased at Carter Marsh & Co, stand D22, antique clock dealers.
  • John Mitchell Fine Paintings presenting work by Arthur Mellville, Julius Ceasar Ibbetson, Alfred Stevens, stand B41.

Leading Specialists in Lighting Art

TM Lighting work closely with some of the world’s most prestigious clients to light and preserve their art collections, through vastly superior lighting, combining their products with technical expertise and a highly specialist advisory service. TM Lighting design and manufacture award-winning luminaires which incorporate advanced LED technology and a unique balance of colour rendition, temperature and consistency. Superior picture and accent lights ensure the colour within each artwork is rich, the canvas evenly lit, and the pigments conserved

Offer Waterman stand at Masterpiece 2018, lit by TM Lighting


For Masterpiece London 2019, TM Lighting will utilise their high CRI LED art lighting product developed specifically for Masterpiece; the GalleryOneFifty (G150), a high-performance spotlight with narrow optics and a magnetic, quick change lens ideally suited for lighting in galleries and museums with tall ceilings and rolling collections. Additionally, TM Lighting will use their ZeroSixty Accent Lights, ideal for smaller galleries and residential settings, and their superior Slim Light Pro Picture Lights will feature in the Savills Lounge at Masterpiece.

For more information about TM Lighting visit


Masterpiece London – 27 June – 3 July 2019 (Preview: 26 June) Masterpiece London takes place at South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, SW3 4LW. For more information visit

Image credits:
Top: TM Lighting, Masterpiece London Sculpture Series 2019. Middle, Zheng Lu, Water in Dripping – Chao, 2016. Stainless Steel. 190.5 x 198.1 x 223.5cm. Courtesy: Sundaram Tagore Gallery. Bottom, John Mitchell Fine Paintings stand. Photos: Andrew Beasley
Middle left: Gary Hume, American Tan VII, 2006-07, Patinated bronze with gloss paint, 7ft 8 ½ x 3ft 4 ½ x 2ft ¾ ins 235 x 103 x 63 cm, Ed of 2 + 1 AP. Image copyright: The Artist. Image Courtesy: New Art Centre, Roche Court Sculpture Park, Wiltshire, UK. Right, Tony Cragg, Bust, 2014. Stainless steel. 175 x 78 x 65cm. Courtesy: Jerome Zodo Gallery



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By admin

Dísir an exhibition in collaboration with Kristian Day Gallery and Jeanette Gunnarson

On 30, Jun 2019 | In News | By admin

Dísir – an exhibition in collaboration with Kristian Day Gallery
and Jeanette Gunnarson, 11th July  – 30th August 2019

at TM Lighting Gallery

TM Lighting is delighted to announce Dísir, an exhibition in collaboration with curators Kristian Day and Jeanette Gunnarson featuring work by contemporary artists Aisha Christison, Anousha Payne and Lucy Evetts.

Dísir explores the correlation of digital and spiritual ‘other worlds’, new and old realities be they algorithmic or folkloric. Free association and creativity are pitted against and merged with automated reasoning. How much expression is left to chance? Fittingly the Dísir of our title were the female deities of Norse mythology known to control fate, be it benevolent or hostile.

Aisha Christison’s paintings are saccharine dreamlike scenes that pay homage to formative years spent between the virtual and physical world. Operating outside of conventional dimensional planes, Christison employs imagery using interwoven fragments of her personal history through a visual language made possible by digital technology yet also shows its origins in European post-expressionism. With a strong sense of nostalgia, her paintings offer the viewer an intimate view to her interior world.

Anousha Payne’s work explores the human pursuit of spirituality in object form, as a form of cultural expression that is distinct from religious symbolism. Through the process of psychic automatism and free-association, she is interested in the possibility of imbuing spirituality into an object, and in the material qualities of religious or spiritual objects. Payne is currently researching the anthropological notion of new animism and is exploring how this can express spirituality through instinctive drawings and watercolour paintings, these are then translated into sculptures. This process seeks to build an aesthetic dialogue and personal visual language as a meditative interaction. A recurring theme is highlighting the incongruity between ancient materiality and modern technology.

Lucy Evetts makes paintings and installations using a variety of different approaches that include paint, silk screen and print. Using text and imagery Evetts creates fragmented voices and visual languages that continuously collide juggling private and public experiences. Predominantly sourcing her imagery from social media, led by her own online algorithm, and attempts to question ideas of intimacy and modes of sharing to create paradoxical narratives.

TM Lighting, leading art lighting specialists, will collaborate with Kristian Day and Jeanette Gunnarson to illuminate the works of art in Dísir using their high colour rendition LED gallery spotlights to bring the works of art to life within TM Lighting Gallery.

A Private View will take place on 10th July, 6.30 pm – 8.30pm.



Image: Lucy Evetts, Lucy Evetts, Sweet Thing, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm


A collaboration between Kristian Day and TM Lighting.

Private View – 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Wednesday July 10th, 2019

July 11th – August 30th, 2019.

Exhibition open hours: weekdays 10am – 5pm, by prior appointment.


Artist Biographies

Aisha Christison is a British artist working in Brussels. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012 and completed the Florence Trust residency program in 2016.

Anousha Payne (b. 1991 in Southampton) lives and works in London and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2014.

Lucy Evetts (b. 1989) graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2018. She lives and works in London.

Kristian Day Gallery is a nomadic curatorial platform collaborating with private galleries, institutions and individuals, developing and arranging a programme of exhibitions and events throughout the UK. Established in 2015, Kristian Day Gallery rapidly developed a reputation for fostering early career artist development and of re-contextualising established artists practice.

Alongside the exhibition and events programme Kristian Day Gallery is also behind the popular Paper Cuts events, a commercial platform for contemporary artists to sell works on paper. Additionally, currently in development, is a satellite company dedicated to contemporary artist editions and an experimental project space. Kristian Day is also curating the 2020 programme for The Broadway, a new public gallery based in Hertfordshire.

Jeanette Gunnarsson is a freelance curator and artist based in London.

She has previously curated exhibitions at Salon, Brixton and Subsidiary Projects. Jeanette has assisted Kristian with his programme since 2016 and co-curated the exhibitions Arc, Herrick Gallery, London 2018 and Terraforms, Concept Space, London 2018.

Private View:

Exhibition address and contact: TM Lighting Gallery, 7 Cubitt Street, London, WC1X 0HF | | | t: +44 (0)207 278 1600




In News

By TM Lighting

TM Lighting provide Specialist LEDs for ‘Raytrace’ at Milan Design Week, 2019, by Benjamin Hubert

On 28, Mar 2019 | In News | By TM Lighting

Shining a light on design innovation; TM Lighting joins Benjamin Hubert of LAYER, and Cosentino, to present ‘Raytrace’ at Milan Design Week, 2019

April 9th – 14th 2019

TM Lighting, British designer and maker of specialist LED art lighting, has joined British designer Benjamin Hubert of LAYER in collaboration with Cosentino, worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, to present Raytrace at Milan Design Week 2019. The collaboration showcases an immersive, architectural installation introducing Dekton®, the ultra-compact, large format surface by Cosentino – exploring the product’s design, innovation, strength, durability and beauty.

The large-scale, architectural installation Raytrace is a 25-metre long and 6-metre high triangular passage composed of Dekton® ultracompact surfaces, seemingly balanced on a single edge within a dark, atmospheric space. Upon entering the passageway, a mesmerising caustic pattern slowly dances across the surface, emulating the refraction of light through water – evoking the serene feeling of being underwater. As visitors walk through the passage, they become a part of the installation, as their shadows are cast against the structure’s surface. Two mirrors at either end of the vault reflect the installation, creating the illusion of an infinite space and offering glimpses of the caustic patterns playing out on the interior.

The lighting for Raytrace is an integral part of Hubert’s installation at Milan Design Week. TM Lighting has specified their superior, high colour rendition LED ZeroSixty accent lights with a custom length snoot to provide enhanced glare control, mounted above the installation on Arttrack to focus the light directly into the organic forms composed of Dekton® ultracompact surfaces, creating caustic light effects and an immersive and mesmerising experience for visitors.

Hubert’s design references the highly technological qualities of Dekton® as an indoor/outdoor architectural product and the natural minerals used to produce the material. Taking inspiration from the Dekton® creation process, Hubert creates a dramatic, interactive experience showcasing the harmony between nature, light and architecture.

Benjamin Hubert comments “We chose the ZeroSixty light’s by TM Lighting for our immersive Raytrace installation for their technical attributes. We were looking for a sustainable, high-powered single LED light source to create the unique caustic lighting experience – the centerpiece of the installation, and they were the perfect choice.”

Harry Triggs of TM Lighting comments, “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Benjamin Hubert to present Raytrace at Milan Design Week. It’s exciting to bring together TM’s specialist LED art lighting with Cosentino’s innovative material to create an experience that explores the boundless possibilities of light and design.”

TM Lightings partnership with Benjamin Hubert follows their previous collaboration for LAYER’s show-stopping FOIL installation at London Design Festival, one of the most visited installations showcased at London’s V&A Museum.



Image: Raytrace installation at Milan Design Week, (detail) Caustic Spheres – Raytrace by Benjamin Hubert of Layer for Cosentino. Photography by David Zanardi.

About Benjamin Hubert

About Dekton® by Cosentino

Image Credit: Caustic Spheres – Raytrace by Benjamin Hubert of LAYER, photography by David Zanardi



In News

By TM Lighting

The Culminating Moment, Group Exhibition Curated by Jon Sharples

On 14, Mar 2019 | In News | By TM Lighting

The Culminating Moment

12th April – 7th June, 2019

A group exhibition curated by Jon Sharples at TM Lighting Gallery 

TM Lighting is delighted to announce The Culminating Moment, a group exhibition curated by Jon Sharples is opening from 12th April – 7th June 2019 at TM Lighting Gallery. This group show, including work by contemporary artists Jacopo Dal Bello, Louise Giovanelli, Chris Gray, Freya E Morris and Irvin Pascal, seeks out a Baroque sensibility and a taste for drama in contemporary art.

The works in the exhibition employ a number of methods to suggest the specificity of a ‘moment’, inevitably a fragment, with the interest supplied as much by what is held back as by what is present, ultimately enlisting the mind of the viewer as a collaborator to finish the job. Doses of realism are undermined by the exposing of any attempt to fix reality as being doomed to be an incomplete and subjective snapshot, nevertheless making a strong case for the power of instrumentalised art and dark comedy in an age of division and culture wars.

From Baroque painting to film noir cinematography, artists have used contrast between light and shadow to create a sense of immediacy, depth and drama – a spot-lit choreography of the viewer’s gaze and the subconscious feeling that a step forward or back would change everything. TM Lighting, art lighting specialists, will collaborate with Jon Sharples to illuminate the works of art in The Culminating Moment, using their high colour rendition GalleryOneFifty LED spotlights to bring the works of art to life within the gallery.

Jon Sharples comments: “From Baroque painting to film noir cinematography, artists have long used contrast between light and shadow to create a sense of immediacy, depth and drama – a spot-lit choreography of the viewer’s gaze and the feeling that a step forward or back would change everything. I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with the experts at TM Lighting to light these works in a way that does them justice.”

Hannah Payne, Director of Marketing, TM Lighting comments: “We’re delighted to welcome Jon Sharples to curate the latest exhibition at TM Lighting Gallery for an exhibition that fully supports emerging artists. We believe the process of lighting art is an art in itself, and this exhibition presents a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the artists to consider the themes in their work, and create drama with light.”

A Private View will take place on Thursday 11th April, 6.30 pm – 8.30pm. RSVP



Image: Jacopo Del Bello: ⟨É⟩ cong. [lat. ĔT] (2018) (detail), Oil, acrylic, pencil and gouache on linen and canvas, wood, fabric and string


Artist Biographies

Jacopo Dal Bello is a graduate of the Cass School, London Metropolitan University (2014), grew up Italy’s Veneto region and is now based in Berlin, where he has a forthcoming two-person show, Vergessene Objekte, with Ariane Hakami.

Louise Giovanelli was born in London and lives and works in Manchester UK. She completed her BA in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art in 2015 and is currently studying at Städelschule in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany. Her work was recently featured in The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting published by Anomie Press and she has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery

Chris Gray lives and works In London. After graduating from Goldsmiths in 2015 he won the XL Catlin Art Prize 2016 and was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2016.

Freya E Morris lives and works In London. She has a BA in Fashion Design and an MA in Fashion Communication from Central Saint Martins. She was the Sarabande Foundation: The Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation’s artist in residence in 2016-17.

Irvin Pascal was born in London lives and works in Sussex. He completed his MFA at the University of Brighton in 2017 and was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in the same year.  In 2018 his work was included in the group exhibition Talisman in the age of difference, curated by Yinka Shonibare MBE, at Stephen Friedman Gallery in London.


Jon Sharples is Chair of the Simmons & Simmons Art Network and an Associate Solicitor in the firm’s Intellectual Property group. Alongside his legal career and his work on the Simmons & Simmons collection of contemporary art, he is a visual arts broadcaster, lecturer and curator. Jon is a trustee of Block 336 in Brixton, was a juror for the Art Night 2018 Open Call and was one of the invited speakers on the Zabludowicz Collection’s 2019 Master Class programme.


TM Lighting is pleased to support artists through hosting annual exhibitions and providing complimentary exhibition space for artists, and gallery collaborations. Exhibitions in the TM Lighting gallery are lit by the GalleryOneFifity (G150) LED spotlights. As with TM Lighting’s full range of LED luminaires the G150 uses high CRI 95+ colour rendition LED’s. For further information please contact:

Exhibition open hours: weekdays 10am – 5pm, by prior appointment.

Private View: 11th April 2019. RSVP

Exhibition address and contact: TM Lighting Gallery, 7 Cubitt Street, London, WC1X 0HF | | | t: +44 (0)207 278 1600



In News

By TM Lighting

TM Lighting to illuminate ‘Philip de László: An Anniversary Celebration’, at BADA Fair 2019

On 30, Jan 2019 | In News | By TM Lighting

30th January 2019

Philip de László: An Anniversary Celebration at BADA Fair, 2019 Duke of York Square, Chelsea

“Has any one painter ever before painted so many interesting and historical personages?” Lord Selborne

BADA returns to Duke of York Square from 20-26 March, and is proud to be working with The de Laszlo Archive Trust to present one of the highlights of BADA 2019, the loan exhibition Philip de László: An Anniversary Celebration.

De László was one of the most famous artists in the world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and is today celebrated as one of the last proponents of Grand Manner portraiture. His remarkable client list included many members of the royal and aristocratic houses of Europe, two Popes, four U.S. Presidents, and leading figures in politics, religion, society and industry. By the end of his life de László had been awarded 22 orders and 17 medals of merit by his royal sitters.

Philip de László (1869-1937) was born Fülöp Laub, the eldest son of Adolf and Johanna Laub, a Budapest tailor and seamstress. He took the Hungarian name László, as a patriotic act in 1891, and was ennobled by Emperor Franz Joseph in 1912. His talent won him a scholarship to the Hungarian National Academy of Art, and he furthered his studies in Munich and Paris.

His reputation grew steadily throughout the 1890s and in 1900 his portrait of Pope Leo XIII earned him a Grand Gold Medal at the Paris International Exhibition. That same year he married Lucy Madeleine Guinness, of the banking family, who would be the sitter for many of his most imaginative works.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of de László’s birth, the exhibition at BADA 2019 will offer a selection of masterpieces of the artist’s oeuvre, all rarely seen paintings sourced from private collections. These include commissioned portraits which established de László’s unparalleled reputation, intimate portraits of family and friends, and examples of landscapes he painted for pleasure in his later years.

Philip de László: An Anniversary Celebration is sponsored by CBC Partnership, who offer independent advice and specialist insurance for those involved in the art world, from private collectors and dealers, to museums and corporations with global reach.

BADA would also like to thank TM Lighting, art lighting specialists who will be supplying their high colour rendition LED Picture Lights to illuminate the paintings within this milestone exhibition.

TM Lighting at BADA Fair:

TM Lighting, British designer and maker of a new generation of LED Picture Lights and Accent Lights for the art world, is committed to creating an authentic viewing experience with LED in museum collections and heritage settings by being mindful of era, style and immediate context of the artwork. The artwork lighting specialist has been commissioned to illuminate the art collections in a number of historic houses and private collections and  landmarks of cultural significance that house some of the most important works of art in the world. Using its extensive range of specialist LED products, TM Lighting is able to tailor the lighting to the needs of the individual artwork, surrounding architecture and eccentricities of each historic house or collection, in order to create an entirely customised solution for each project.

The benefits of TM’s high- quality LEDs supersede those of any other light source; in addition to enhancing the visual presentation of artwork, the low-energy LED products result in improvements to the conservation of work, as well as considerable energy and cost-savings. Recent landmark historic house commissions include Historic Royal Palaces Hillsborough Castle and Hampton Court Palace, The Rothschilds Collection at Waddesdon Manor, Goodwood House, Burghley House, and Weston Park Foundation.

At BADA Fair, TM Lighting will install the TM Goodwood Picture Lights to light the paintings within the Philip de László: An Anniversary Celebration exhibition. The TM Goodwood Picture Light has been selected for its classical style, finished in gold to work with the exhibition designed in the style of a classical museum collection which will include original gilded frames and vibrant blue walls. Designed to fit seamlessly into the aesthetic of classical historic buildings, and museum collections, the TM Goodwood Picture Light includes a true colour LED module (+95 CRI), uniform light projection and a deep hood design for added glare control. The TM Goodwood Picture Light comfortably lights canvases up to 4 metres in height, from 1 to 22 watts of power, extra long lamp life – 50,000hrs (approx 15 years).

Andrew Molyneux, Co-Founder, TM Lighting, will join a panel of industry experts to judge the annual BADA Fair Stand Awards, 2019.



Left: Self portrait :Philip de László, 1925, oil on canvas 73.7 x 56.5cm, Courtesy of The de Laszlo Archive Trust © de Laszlo Foundation

Right: Countess Beatty, née Ethel Field, 1911, oil on board, 88.9 x 68.6 cm, Courtesy of The de Laszlo Archive Trust © de Laszlo Foundation

Further Information
BADA 2019 will be held at Duke of York Square, London SW3 4LY
BADA 2019 Opening Hours
Wednesday 20 March 2019 11.00 – 20.00
Thursday 21 March 2019 11.00 – 20.00
Friday 22 March 2019 11.00 – 20.00
Saturday 23 March 2019 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday 24 March 2019 11.00 – 18.00
Monday 25 March 2019 11.00 – 20.00
Tuesday 26 March 2019 11.00 – 18.00
Follow BADA on Twitter and Instagram @BADA1918

About BADA

Founded in 1918, BADA (The British Antique Dealers’ Association) is the leading trade association for the fine art, design and antiques community. Its members are carefully vetted and selected for their wealth of experience, professional integrity, and the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of their stock. Many of its members are internationally recognised for their expertise and unparalleled knowledge in their chosen field of speciality.