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In News

By TM Lighting

Artist Focus – Sebastian Chaumeton

On 27, Sep 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

September 2018 – Made In Arts London 2018 Collection Exhibition at TM Lighting Gallery

TM Lighting has collaborated with University of the Arts London’s Made in Arts London to present the ‘MiAL 2018 Collection’, showcasing art and design from UAL students. During the exhibition TM Lighting will provide an artist Q&A to find out a bit more about the artist and their work at this stage in their career.


Artist Interview: Sebastian Chaumeton

  • UAL College: Chelsea
  • Course: BA Fine Art
  • Graduation Year: 2019

Please give an explanation of the ideas/themes behind the works that you are showcasing with MiAL, and at TM Lighting Gallery.

I treat my paintings like sketches for my sculptures. I like to think of it as mentally throwing up on the canvas so that I can pick out the juicy bits and work out what’s really on my mind. Recently I’ve been more interested in relinquishing responsibility for the characters I create within my artwork, allowing the public/ viewers to suggest what I paint. Through large-scale murals and paintings I isolate interesting aesthetical/ political/ social elements to digest further in other mediums. To me this is the art that excites me. To give life to ideas based within these conglomerates of characters and evolve them from these shared spaces. Because of this collaborative process, themes vary from pop culture and politics to the mundane and magical.

What were your inspirations behind the pieces that are being shown with MiAL?

These particular pieces have the same concept as mentioned before however the imagery comes from a more personal space. Conscience and Subconscious thoughts and feelings co exist on the same canvas. I enjoy referencing not only pop culture but also art historical works. I like to flip the concepts of a well-known artists work against their aesthetical value for a humorous re imagining of the paintings. The artwork within the exhibition (Mellow Mouse & Friends) was an exploration of line and character. I wanted to distort the well know Disney characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto through my lens into a flat two dimensional image. The lines blur together just as the ideas around copyright do within this heavily saturated image based world.


Who are specific artists or practitioners who you feel have had some influence on your work?

Keith Haring is a huge influence not only in his aesthetic but his philosophies around art. Not only on an aesthetical level but also in a philosophical sense of what art can be. Art that your 3 year old niece, grandpa and everyone in between can enjoy.

Paula Rego’s fairytale like pastel pictures have also inspired me in their stark contrast of childish imagery and dark subject matter. David Hockney, Kaws, Philip Guston, Jordon Wolfson and Laura Ford are just a few who also inspire me.


What do you hope your audience will take away from your work?

A smile


What inspires you particularly about the medium you currently work in?

From my paintings I primarily sculpt characters of interest in ceramics. I love working in clay not only for its freeing, hands-on messy aspects but also for its rewarding finish. Ceramic sculptures don’t just produce value from their desirable finish but also in their ability to solidify the value of time and effort. When fired the once playfully soft, manipulative clay becomes still, containing ones ideas and energy in a single moment.


How did you develop your process?

“Doodling” has always been a habit for me and it’s taken me a while to fully accept and appreciate it in its own right as art. I see the paintings as me mentally throwing up on the canvas to pick at the juicy bits. The large scale public murals are what’s most recent with this style. I’ve had a lot of fun relinquishing the responsibility of the context in my work and allowing the public to influence the imagery within a performative setting.


How does it feel to be selected for MiAL Collection 2018 exhibition at the TM Lighting Gallery, what’s been the highlight?

It feels amazing! I’m so grateful for the mural opportunities they have given me! You’ll be seeing a lot more around London in the not too distant future.


What are you currently working on, or what is next?

What’s next is realising some characters within these shared spaces in three dimensional mediums. Primarily I’ll be working in ceramics with a twist…



top: Artist pictured in front of mural outside TM Lighting Gallery, created for the MiAL 2018 exhibition.

left: Mellow Mouse and Friends, Acrylic on Canvas Original 60 x 80 cm (unframed) £80.00

right, Bubblegum, Acrylic on Canvas, Original 100 x 152 cm (unframed) £400.00

Find out more and buy work by Seb here


Social media:

Instagram: @scartwurk

Youtube: Sebastian Chaumeton



In News

By TM Lighting

TM Lighting new Gallery launches UAL’s Made in Arts London Annual Exhibition

On 16, Jul 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

UAL’s Made in Arts London Annual Exhibition 2018 at TM Lighting Gallery

 20th September – 12th October 2018

TM Lighting has launched a brand-new gallery space within their newly developed studios in London, near Kings Cross. For the inaugural exhibition, TM Lighting has collaborated with University of the Arts London’s Made in Arts London to present the ‘MiAL 2018 Collection’, showcasing art and design from UAL students.

The collaboration is part of TM Lighting’s ongoing programme of exhibitions supporting artists, and artwork selected for the exhibition is professionally lit with TM Lighting’s superior LED gallery lighting, marking the launch of their new Gallery One Fifty spot light.

Exhibiting artists are selected by a panel of industry experts for MiAL’s 2018 Collection.


Exhibition overview

On an annual basis, an independent selection panel of artists, curators, designers and buyers, are invited by the MiAL team to review submissions from students from University of the Arts London; giving feedback to all who apply. By the end of the selection process, a new collection will be curated and new artists will become represented by MiAL. All the work on display during the exhibition will be available for sale, with works available to buy ranging from £30 – £6,000, offering a unique platform to collect affordable art and design pieces from some of the emerging stars of London’s art scene. The new Collection will be curated in June 2018.

MiAL believes that it is vital to the artists’ process to exhibit their work, develop new audiences and create dialogue around the artwork beyond the university environment. Therefore, MiAL will host a series of events during the exhibition to focus on connecting the emerging artists, having now reached a crucial point in their careers, with a growing number of generous creative professionals open to helping and advising this new generation. The event programme will also incorporate a number of talks and events for collectors and buyers.

Two Professional Development Events will take place during the exhibition:

Saturday 22nd September, 11am – 3pm:

  • How to Build a Brand, Lili Price, Lili Price Studio
  • Visual Merchandising and Styling, Michael Richards, Retail Consultant
  • Intellectual Property, Your Rightsa as a Creative, Roxanne Peters, IP Lecturer UAL

Saturday 6th October 11am – 3pm:

  • Overcoming Creative Fear, KAte O’Neill, Co-Founder OGC
  • The Art of Networking, Delia Cabral, Art Advisor
  • Developing your Artist Pitch, Adrian Flower, Photographer, Studio 73

More info


Gavin Ramsey, Arts SU Creative Development comments: “It’s wonderful to collaborate with TM Lighting to show the work of MiAL’s latest cohort of UAL students. TM Lighting works at such a high level and their new professional exhibition space will mean this is a masterclass opportunity for those exhibiting. Investing in future creatives is essential at this stage of their careers and we thank TM Lighting for their generosity. All the work will be available for sale so you can even invest yourself!”


Hannah Payne, TM Lighting’s Marketing Director comments: “We are delighted to host Made in Arts London’s Annual Exhibition, providing the opportunity for emerging creative talent from UAL to exhibit in our new gallery is the perfect way to celebrate the launch of our space. This collaboration with MiAL represents an important part of TM Lighting’s aims to support artists, particularly those just starting out, and we congratulate all those who have been selected for the MiAL Collection 2018!”



Notes to Editors:

TM Lighting is pleased to support artists through hosting a programme of annual exhibitions and providing complimentary exhibition space. All artworks shown in the exhibition are for sale and all proceeds go direct to the artists.

(Installation image) MiAL 2018 Collection exhibition at TM Lighting Gallery

MiAL artists in the 2018 Collection:

Agnes Moricz, Ai Wei Chloe Looi, Amber Young, Amelia Rabin, Anke Buchmann, Caroline Haack, Charlotte Harney, Chi Zhang, Chih I Chen, Chloe Kelly, Christopher Pearson, Ekaterina Koroleva, Elizabeth Reid, Errin Yesilkaya, Eva He, Farrukh Akbar, Fiorella Basil, Francesco Poiana, Hermine Doublon, James Sirrell, Joshua von Uexkull, Kian Lewis, Lisa Pettibone, Maria Than, Molly Brocklehurst, Nathaniel White, Nikolaos Christodoulou, Orelie Pascale Wright, Sebastian Chaumeton, Tingwei Liang, Wing So, Xingyi Ou, Yunjeong Lee, Yuqi Wei, Zhinan Gu

Judging selection Panel:

Dates of exhibition:  

20th September – 12th October 2018

  • Opening hours:     Weekdays, 10am – 5pm.
  • Venue:                          TM Lighting Gallery
  • TM Lighting Gallery, 7 Cubitt Street, London, WC1X 0HF | | t:+44 (0)207 278 1600
  • For further information about Made In Arts London, contact
  • Sales enquiries please contact Made in Arts London Coordinator
  • For further information about TM Lighting and images please contact:

About Made in Arts London

Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a student-based creative enterprise, exclusively for University of the Arts London (UAL) students, supported by Arts Students’ Union. We support our students to learn how to promote and sell their work and sustain their professional creative practice through our online shop, programme of events, exhibitions and partnerships. Based within Europe’s largest arts education institution, MiAL is an essential resource and platform giving access to the emerging talent of the globally respected UAL student body.

UAL encompasses a huge range of creative courses over a total of six colleges: Camberwell College of Arts, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Arts, London College of Communication, London College of Fashion, Wimbledon College of Arts.

Submission for MiAL’s Annual Collection Exhibition is open to all current UAL students. Curated by a changing panel of industry experts, the annual MiAL Collection is available to purchase online and is taken to a wide variety of events and exhibitions throughout a 2-year tenure, with Artists being given crucial professional development and support throughout.



In News

By TM Lighting

Made in Arts London Professional Development Events at TM Lighting Gallery

On 22, Sep 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

Made in Arts London (MiAL) is a student-based creative enterprise, exclusively for UAL students, supported by Arts Students’ Union. We support our students to learn how to promote and sell their work and sustain their professional creative practice through our online shop, programme of events, exhibitions and partnerships.

MiAL is hosting an exhibition to launch the new collection of UAL art and design at TM Lighting’s brand new exhibition space in Kings Cross from Thursday 20th September – Friday 12th October.  Read exhibition info

During which, a series of events will be held specifically for the development of emerging creatives. 11am – 3pm Free entry.

Saturday 22nd September

  • How to Build a Brand by Lili Price of Lili Price Studio
  • Visual Merchandising, Styling and Presenting your work by Michael Richards, Retail Consultant
  • Intellectual Property, your rights as a creative, by Roxanne Peters, IP Lecturer at UAL

Saturday 6th October

  • Overcoming Creative Fear by Kate O’Neill, Marketing & Partnerships at Metro Imaging
  • The Art of Networking, by Delia Cabral, Art Advisor
  • Develop your Artist Pitch, by Adrian Flower, Photographer

For more information visit





In News

By TM Lighting

TM Lighting – Masterpiece London Talk: The Art of Display, House & Garden

On 22, Jun 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

The Art of Display – House & Garden

6pm, Thursday 28th June at Masterpiece London, Lecture Theatre

In association with TM Lighting, Art Lighting Partner of Masterpiece

Hatta Byng, Editor of House & Garden magazine, in conversation with a panel of experts from the world of art and interiors including Peter Mikic, Interior Designer, Amelie von Wedel, Wedel Art Advisory, and Harry Triggs, Founding Director, TM Lighting discussing considerations, styles and insights for collecting and displaying art in an interior.

For more information visit the Masterpiece Event Page

Free with a Fair ticket. Booking required via the fair website



In News

By TM Lighting

Introducing Picture Lights to Dorford Hall art collection

On 23, May 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

Case Study: Introducing the contemporary into the classical setting, at Dorfold Hall.
May 2018

TM Lighting were commissioned to work on a recent refurbishment project at beautiful Dorfold Hall, a grade I listed Jacobean mansion in Cheshire, to illuminate the collection including an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary art, balanced by harmonious interiors including historic paints by Edward Bulmer, original ceilings, and modern furnishings. The contemporary painting is by German artist, Ralph Fleck (b.1951-) Mull Berg 9/III (2008) Oil on Canvas, lit with TM Lighting’s Slim Light Pro, offering high performance with 96+CRI LED, housed in a minimalist and stylish design.

Image courtesy Dorfold Hall. For more information about Dorfold Hall visit



In News

By TM Lighting

TM Lighting illuminating installations at Masterpiece, London 2018

On 14, Jun 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

June 2018

TM Lighting announce the second year of their collaboration with Masterpiece London as official ‘Art Lighting Partner’ at the capital’s leading cross-collecting fair showcasing works of fine art, design, furniture and jewellery – from antiquity to the present day.


TM Lighting has partnered for the second year as art lighting specialists across specific aspects of the fair which opens to the public from 28th June to 4th July, including lighting a series of major art installations using TM Lighting’s exceptional LED products. The partnership follows a series of high profile projects from TM Lighting, including The Rothschild Foundation, Historic Royal Palaces, English Heritage, and supporting Damien Hirst’s recent Venice exhibition, Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable.

Philip Hewat-Jaboor, Chairman of Masterpiece London said: “We are pleased to welcome so many world-renowned exhibitors this year and we look forward to another outstanding edition of Masterpiece London, where galleries will represent the very best in their fields across categories. We are proud to work with TM Lighting as our Art Lighting Partner who will be lighting sculpture within the Fair, our Patron & VIP Lounge, and this year’s Masterpiece Presents installation by Marina Abramović which merges performance, light and sculpture.”


TM Lighting at Masterpiece London

Below is an outline of the exhibits, spaces and installations to be lit by TM Lighting at Masterpiece London, 2018.
MASTERPIECE PRESENTS, the fair’s large-scale dedicated exhibition space that provides a platform for innovative, immersive works of art, will be supported again by TM Lighting. This year the large-scale space will showcase of a new body of work by Marina Abramović, Five Stages of Maya Dance, specially lit by TM Lighting to create atmosphere and drama. Presented by Factum Arte, in collaboration with Lisson Gallery, this set of five alabaster portraits of Abramović merge performance, light and sculpture. They have a hauntingly physical presence but, as viewers move around the pieces, they decompose into intricately carved ‘landscapes’ of alabaster.
Located in walkways throughout the fair, prominent pieces supported by TM Lighting include:

  • A rare black marble Henry Moore sculpture, Reclining Figure: Curved dating from 1977, which is one of the artist’s seminal and unique carvings, brought by Landau Fine Art.
  • Blain|Southern will bring Chiharu Shiota’s State of Being, 2016, made up of red thread, and 5000 keys.
  • Hauser & Wirth will present a sculpture by LA-based artist, Larry Bell, VFC 2, 2017, a unique work formed from True Sea Salt and Cerise laminated glass.
  • Bowman Sculpture will present a monumental Twice by Richard Hudson, in polished mirrored steel.
  • R & Company will bring a large sculptural light installation by Jeff Zimmermann, Illuminated Vine Sculptures.
  • Modern British art specialists, Piano Nobile Gallery will showcase an Anthony Caro sculpture, Toward Centre,
  • TM Lighting will provide specialist art lighting for antique clock dealers, Carter Marsh & Co.


TM Lighting will also light and support the following works of art and spaces:

  • The newly designed Masterpiece Patron and VIP lounge, by Chelsea Barracks will feature original illustrations of Chelsea Barracks, to be lit with TM Lightings superior LED Slim Light Pro Picture Lights.
  • The new Private Dining Room designed by artist and designer, Luke Edward-Hall will evoke the spirit of an English country house, inspired by designers Oliver Messel and Cecil Beaton
  • The Lecture Theatre designed this year by Kitesgrove Interiors evoking the style of a courtyard of a stately historic residence, decorated with trompe l’oeil ornamental features, and a grand tapestry measuring over will be beautifully lit by TM Lighting.
  • Striking sculptural foliage displays across the fair by Amanda Austin Flowers, will be specially lit by TM Lighting


In addition to lighting showcase works of art, TM Lighting will share expert insights in a panel talk at the fairs Lecture Theatre, 6pm on Thursday 28th June:

 ‘The Art of Display’ with House & Garden

Hatta Byng, Editor of House & Garden magazine, in conversation with a panel of experts from the world of art and interiors including Harry Triggs, Founding Director, TM Lighting, Peter Mikic, Interior Designer, and Amelie von Wedel, Wedel Art Advisory, discussing considerations, styles and insights for collecting and displaying art in an interior.

(Free with a fair ticket. Booking is recommended via the Fair’s website).

TM Lighting – Leading Specialists in Lighting Art

TM Lighting work closely with some of the world’s most prestigious clients to light and preserve their art collections, through vastly superior lighting, combining their products with technical expertise and a highly specialist advisory service. TM Lighting design and manufacture award winning luminaires and lights which incorporate advanced LED technology and a unique balance of colour rendition, temperature and consistency. Superior picture and accent lights ensure the colour within
each artwork is rich, the canvas evenly illuminated and the pigments conserved.

Clients range from stately homes such as Goodwood House and Hampton Court Palace to high-profile global galleries and auction houses such as The National Gallery, Christie’s and de Pury, high-end retail spaces such as Harrods and Selfridges and a roster of private clients, collectors and residences all over the world.

TM Lighting Products
For Masterpiece London 2018, TM Lighting preview a new high-performance LED lighting product developed specifically for Masterpiece; the Gallery150, a high-performance spotlight with narrow optics and a magnetic, quick change lens, which is ideally suited for lighting in galleries and museums with tall ceilings and rolling collections. Additionally, TM Lighting will use their ZeroSixty Accent lights, ideal for smaller galleries and residential settings, and their superior Slim Light Pro Picture Lights will feature in the Patrons & VIP Lounge.


Harry Triggs and Andrew Molyneux

TM Lighting is led by recognised experts and Co-founders Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs. It is from their combined backgrounds of over 30 years in lighting and product design, along with a shared passion for art which has seen the business grow from inception in 2012 to become the UK͛s leading art lighting specialist in 2018.

‘We are honoured to be once again supporting Masterpiece London as the fair’s official art lighting partner. We have been involved in the event in previous years with several of our clients, and this year we are particularly excited to be working closely with the prestigious galleries involved to illuminate such prominent works of art such as work by Henry Moore, and Marina Abramović, using our range of gallery accent lights and picture lights, for the enjoyment of visitors Masterpiece in 2018’. Andrew Molyneux, Co-founder TM Lighting



  • Photo, exterior Masterpiece London, 2017 by Andy Barnham
  • Photo 2: Henry Moore, Reclining Figure, 1977, courtesy Landau Fine Art
  • Masterpiece London runs from 28 June – 4 July 2018 (Preview 27 June) at South Grounds, The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London, SW3 4LW
  • TM Lighting Panel talk: ‘The Art of Display’ – 6pm, Thursday 28thJune at the Lecture Theatre. Chaired by Hatta Byng, Editor of House & Garden magazine, in conversation with experts from the world of art and interiors; Harry Triggs, Director TM Lighting, Peter Mikic, Interior Designer, Amelie von Wedel, Wedel Art Advisory. Free with Masterpiece. Ticket Seating is on a first come first served basis. To book visit Group bookings,  email
  • More about TM Lighting’s G150
    The G150 is agallery spotlight with narrow 9 degree optics and magnetic quick change lenses. The 9˚ narrow beam width is particularly important as it is difficult to achieve with LEDs. Galleries with tall ceilings need narrow beam spotlights as the diameter of the beam gets larger and more diffuse the further away you get from the light source; narrow beam lights are better for lighting sculpture. The snap on lens is perfect for ‘selling’ and ‘public’ galleries with rolling art collections as it makes the focusing element much faster and allows us to change the beam width to wider beams, or add other accessories key to the focusing of the artwork.



In News


Modern Lighting Techniques for the Historic Interior

On 20, Dec 2017 | In News | By ADMIN

Modern Lighting Techniques for the Historic Interior
Friday, 2nd February 2018
We are delighted to be hosting a Study Day with Historic Decoration at Syon House, led by Andrew Molyneux and Harry Triggs, Co-Founders of TM Lighting.
Artwork lighting experts Andrew and Harry will discuss the benefits of introducing modern lighting techniques into historic properties; from enhancing the visual presentation of art collections, to how low-energy LED products result in improvements to the conservation of work, as well as considerable energy and cost-savings. Booking via the Historic Decoration website.




In News

By TM Lighting

TM Lighting on panel at Share Museums East Collections Care Conference ‘Is Seeing Believing?’

On 29, Jan 2018 | In News | By TM Lighting

On 18th January 2018, TM Lighting joined the panel at the annual Share Museums East Collections Care Conference ‘Is Seeing Believing?’
In association with the University of Cambridge Museums Collections Care and Conservation Programme explored the current challenges in heritage lighting.

Much has been written over the years about light in museums, galleries and historic properties. Monitoring equipment and scientific data is more accessible than ever before. But where do we go from here? What do we do with the data? How do we apply this knowledge? And what does it mean for the smallest to the largest of collection?

TM Lighting discussed the benefits of using LEDs in galleries and heritage spaces, including quality of light, sensitivity of light, and product selections.

The panel included:

Mick Stanley, Independent Researcher – Introduction to lighting in general and Government Indemnity Scheme requirements

Chris Woods, National Conservation Services – Standards and Guidelines, PAS 198 and EN16893 etc

Analytik – current available technology and technological limitation

Helena Rodwell, Fitzwilliam Museum – Light mapping

Vicky Singleton, UCM Zoology and National Army Museum – lighting commissioning and fitting during major works

Read more