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Burghley House, Bow Room

Burghley House, Bow Room

On 09, Oct 2017 | In | By ADMIN

Burghley House is renowned for the Bow Room, with floor to ceiling murals painted by Louis Laguerre in 1697, is one of the reasons Burghley is one of the most unique houses in England. The walls depict scenes from Roman history: the battle of Cannae, Mark Anthony’s death before Cleopatra and Scipio releasing the betrothed of his defeated enemy. The ceiling shows figures of Roman mythology.

The Bow Room sits on the north side of the house, and on a dull day it is almost impossible to see any of the detail in the room. Lighting the room has always been a challenge as there is no where to attach lighting to the ceiling and only one place to attach lighting to the walls at one end of the room. The TM team were challenged to create more drama for a greater viewing experience. When lighting murals of this scale, with so many details, the question is should it all be lit, or just key scenes were depicted? TM Lighting chose to light the space as if it were a piece of architecture using custom adapted LED spotlights positioned so that the columns in the painting were uplit, and the allegorical scenes were enhanced.

Tests were conducted with House Directors Orlando and Miranda Rock, and the decision was made to light the space as if it were a piece of architecture. The columns in the space were up lit and and the allegorical scenes were enhanced. To achieve this we custom adapted the zerosixty Spotlight to be floor mounted, we made a custom mounting plate for 4 spotlights to be affixed to – this plate was then attached to the wall using the existing holes in the wall. 3 zero sixty spotlights were then mounted to each of the candelabra.

“We knew the changes would be an improvement but we could never have imagined how much of a difference the new lighting would make. We can now really see the depth of colour and detail in the paintings but most importantly, they are not over-lit and the atmosphere of the house has not been compromised”.
Miranda Rock, Guardian of Burghley House

Photo by Dave Thrower, Redshift Photography.