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Marcus Lyon

Marcus Lyon ZeroSixty Spotlight

On 16, Dec 2015 | In | By ADMIN

TM Lighting were asked to light the Marcus Lyon Exhibition at 101’s ofices in Somerset House earlier this year using the TM Picture Light. Following the success of this show TM Lighting were asked back to look at Marcus’s Studio space. Marcus’s work is large format and the ceiling height in his office was very low. TM Lighting used the ZeroSixty High Colour Rendition Spotlight on a mains voltage Eutrac. This allowed the true representation of his vividly coloured artwork while maintaining an intimate yet flexible scheme. The track spotlights were mains dimmable from a standard wall dimmer.

Lyon’s work has attracted acclaim and awards in equal measure over the years through his ability to inspire conversations about and search for meaning in our global mass behaviour. His work on urbanisation, migration and recreation draws on a background of social advocacy, yet his images recall science fiction. In their construction, the compositions allude visually to religion and technology, suggesting vast cathedral-like spaces and the all-seeing complexity of the computer motherboard. Unlike Gursky, who meticulously veils unwanted elements from existing environments, Lyon lays bare the construction that is his methodology. He builds fantastical allegories that revel in their depiction of human endeavour and failure. These are images that strike at the heart of the present but are borne out of a very human, emotional and even spiritual intent.

To find out more about Marcus’ incredible photography, please make sure to visit his website.

Marcus Lyon

To find out more about the visual arts program at Somerset House, please visit their website.

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