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TM Lighting is committed to sustainability in fine art and the environment, especially in light of energy savings legislation engaging the latest technology. TM Lighting has developed game-changing TM Picture Light design, which addresses the inefficiencies that come with dated technology and artwork degradation in historic houses and private residences. TM Lighting’s specific design for this market takes picture lighting to a new dimension, vastly improving overall light distribution and quality, while reducing maintainance needs.

At TM Lighting, the process of lighting a work of art is an art in itself – from design to implementation. Key considerations the TM Lighting product range addresses:

Quality of Light

· Engages carefully selected LEDs that enhance the artwork

· Use same LED chip (bulb) throughout the range to ensure consistency

· Ensures even light distribution

· Achieves precise lux levels on each art work through individually dimmable switches (either locally or remotely)

Energy Saving and Maintenance

· All TM Lighting products are (completely) Part L compliant in line with new legislation

· TM Lighting’s Picture Lighting product designs are 1W – 10W whereas a standard picture light is 30W – 100W meaning it emits less energy (consumes less power) and is more efficient

· Over 12 months, 100 TM Lighting picture lights saves £4,000 compared with the same number of standard S15 lamps

· The lamp life of TM Lighting’s Picture Light range of designs is 50,000 hours compared with 1000 hours for S15 lamps – a significant energy saving

Art Conservation

· All TM Lighting’s products are in line with CIBSE Lighting Guide LG8 for museums and art galleries

· TM Lighting’s designs are extremely sensitive to the object or artwork it is enhancing through light. Therefore, each design protects rather than emits damaging light (sources) such as ultra violet and infrared light

· Each design is extremely low level in heat emission

· Each design ensures correct lux level for delicate artwork with individual light level adjustment