17th September 2020

TM Lighting is delighted to have worked with the Blenheim Art Foundation to light their incredible new contemporary art exhibition ’Cecily Brown at Blenheim Palace’, set to debut on September 17th and continue until January 3rd, 2021.

Cecily Brown stands as both the first British contemporary artist and the inaugural painter featured within the Blenheim Art Foundation’s prestigious program. Her exhibition comprises entirely of fresh artworks conceived in direct response to the Palace’s renowned collection. These works draw visual inspiration from the timeless masterpieces by luminaries such as Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Anthony Van Dyck, as well as elements such as family heraldry, armorial banners, and the martial scenes depicted in the Blenheim Tapestries.

To illuminate the paintings exhibited throughout the Palace State Rooms, TM Lighting employed a range of specialised high-colour rendition LED Accent lights, gallery spotlights, and Picture Lights. This meticulous approach ensures true colour accuracy, bringing the art to life and offering a captivating visual experience. Additionally, TM Lighting provided the TM Classic Picture Light for the Blenheim Palace’s permanent collection, contributing to the enhancement of this cultural treasure trove.

Discover the captivating blend of contemporary and heritage at the Blenheim Art Foundation

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