25th May 2017

TM Lighting provided specialist art lighting for an exhibition featuring the works of contemporary artist Awol Erizku at Ben Brown Fine Arts in Mayfair.

This exhibition, titled “Make America Great Again,” marked a significant departure from Erizku’s previous photographic work, introducing a captivating collection of new sculptures and paintings, alongside a bespoke ‘conceptual mix-tape’ crafted exclusively for this showcase.

Erizku’s artistic narrative in “Make America Great Again” is a fusion of potent political symbols, historical iconography, and urban influences drawn from his environment. In this amalgamation, he skillfully melds elements of ‘high-art,’ such as the concept of the ‘ready-made,’ with the vibrant tapestry of popular culture.

TM Lighting’s contribution to the exhibition involved the use of their high-color rendition ZeroSixty LED accent lights. These lighting solutions were strategically employed to accentuate the vibrancy and bold colors inherent in Erizku’s works. The dark, specially designed space was transformed into a canvas where the art’s impact and striking contrasts came vividly to life.

Erizku’s “Make America Great Again” exhibition served as a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries and challenge perceptions, with TM Lighting’s expertise in art illumination playing an essential role in illuminating the narrative woven within the artistry.