25th May 2017

TM Lighting played a pivotal role in enhancing the art experience at Art Circle, an innovative platform dedicated to curating museum-quality pop-up exhibitions worldwide, with a particular focus on Modern and Contemporary Art. The exhibition found its home at 48 Albermarle Street, a Georgian townhouse in London’s Mayfair known for its raw brick facade and understated charm.

To bring out the best in the artworks within the exhibition’s low-lit setting, TM Lighting turned to their ZeroSixty range of accent lights. These lighting solutions, equipped with high-quality 95+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs, were expertly employed to accentuate the art pieces. The lighting was thoughtfully focused to create a sense of drama and effectively highlight the artworks, contributing to the overall ambiance of the space.

The exhibition, titled “The Focusing Room,” was a captivating showcase of Zero, Kinetic Art, and Op Art movements, featuring works by acclaimed artists such as Adolf Luther, Alberto Biasi, Heinz Mack, Christian Megert, Nicolas Schöffer, Peter Sedgley, and Nanda Vigo. This carefully curated display was brought to life in the minimalist surroundings of Mayfair and spanned the months of June and July. The exhibition was organised by Art Circle Go and curated by Bettina Ruhrberg, the director of the Museum of Modern Art in Goslar, Germany.

TM Lighting’s expertise in art illumination significantly contributed to the success of this unique art experience, ensuring that each piece was showcased to its full potential within the exhibition’s distinctive setting.

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