On 18th January 2018, TM Lighting joined the panel at the annual Share Museums East Collections Care Conference ‘Is Seeing Believing?’
In association with the University of Cambridge Museums Collections Care and Conservation Programme explored the current challenges in heritage lighting.

Much has been written over the years about light in museums, galleries and historic properties. Monitoring equipment and scientific data is more accessible than ever before. But where do we go from here? What do we do with the data? How do we apply this knowledge? And what does it mean for the smallest to the largest of collection?

TM Lighting discussed the benefits of using LEDs in galleries and heritage spaces, including quality of light, sensitivity of light, and product selections.

The panel included:

Mick Stanley, Independent Researcher – Introduction to lighting in general and Government Indemnity Scheme requirements

Chris Woods, National Conservation Services – Standards and Guidelines, PAS 198 and EN16893 etc

Analytik – current available technology and technological limitation

Helena Rodwell, Fitzwilliam Museum – Light mapping

Vicky Singleton, UCM Zoology and National Army Museum – lighting commissioning and fitting during major works

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