14th September 2023

Bringing Your Home to Light

Lighting has the power to transform the ambiance of your home. In a recent feature with House & Garden titled, “Tips for Lighting Every Room in Your House”, Andrew Molyneux, co-founder of TM Lighting, offers valuable insights into the world of interior lighting. 

Lighting for Living Spaces:

In a room with natural light, integrating artificial light can often be challenging. TM Lighting’s 3Cs methodology offers an easy three-step approach to address this challenge. In lighting any space, artwork or object, the first consideration is Colour rendition, which assesses how accurately a light source reproduces the colours in the illuminated space. Opting for a light source with a CRI of 97 or higher is the ideal choice to ensure that all colours are faithfully represented. The second consideration is Colour temperature; it’s essential to find light sources that consider the immediate environment and harmonise with the room’s colour temperature. Finally, Colour consistency ensures that all light sources within a space emit a uniform level of warmth and colour accuracy, resulting in even and consistent illumination throughout the room.

TM Classic Picture Light
Interior Design by Sims Hilditch

The second challenge when working with a room with natural light is glare. Introducing an additional light source can help mitigate glare and achieve a uniform distribution of light across the room. TM’s co-founder Andrew Molyneux emphasises this approach stating, “When lighting living rooms you want a warm, cosy atmosphere. Use directional downlights in the ceiling set around the perimeter of the room to shine light onto walls, paintings or curtains and minimise glare.”

TM ZeroSixty Accent Lights in London Private Residence
Photography by Adellina Illiev

Picture lighting can play a large part in these rooms by introducing a mid-layer of light. ‘LED picture lights are unquestionably the best option for preserving any piece of art,’ advises Andrew Molyneux. ‘Historically, artworks were lit with halogen and other incandescent light sources, which emit infrared and produce a great deal of heat. This harmful combination is incredibly damaging to oil paintings and works on paper with delicate colour pigments.’

TM SlimLight Pro in London Private Residence
Photography by Andrew Beasley

In this London residence, we worked with interior designer Tim Gosling to illuminate a collection of contemporary artworks. Lifted with soft accent lights from our SlimLight Pro picture lights, this salon hang creates a focal point in the living room of this beautiful London home. The picture light’s high colour rendition 97 CRI ensures the coloured pigments within each artwork were lit fully, while minimising distraction from the picture light with one of the slimmest designs in our range.

Layering the light within a space creates depth and dimension as various light sources illuminate different elements and corners of the room. This interplay of light adds vibrancy and warmth to the ambiance of a home, bringing it to life.

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