14th July 2017

TM Lighting’s ZeroSeries accent lights are renowned for their exceptional quality of light and remarkable 97+ CRI (Colour Rendering Index), making them the ideal choice for illuminating art in a wide range of settings, including galleries, residential spaces, and contemporary environments.


The hallmark of these lights is their ability to faithfully reproduce the true colours and intricate details of artworks, ensuring that every nuance is brilliantly showcased. Whether it’s a masterpiece in a gallery, a cherished piece in a residential collection, or an avant-garde creation in a modern space, the ZeroSeries accent lights enhance the visual experience.

One of the standout features of these lights is their unobtrusive design, allowing them to seamlessly blend into any setting. They can be discreetly placed to highlight the artwork without distraction enriching the viewer experience. This adaptability ensures that the lighting not only enhances the art but also contributes to the overall aesthetics of the space.

With the ZeroSeries, TM Lighting continues to set the standard for lighting excellence, providing a versatile and sophisticated solution for those who value the perfect balance of quality, aesthetics, and functionality in their lighting choices. Illuminate your art with precision and style using TM Lighting’s ZeroSeries accent lights.

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