19th July 2023

Lydia Moraitis : Here Comes a Candle

August 2 – August 30, 2023 at TM Gallery

Lydia Moraitis is an emerging London based artist, who works primarily in mixed media. Born in 2000, she spent her formative years in the Lake District, before studying at The Ruskin School of Art, from 2019-2022.

Featuring a selection of new works, Here Comes a Candle is the artist’s debut solo exhibition. The exhibition explores themes of youth, the consequences of choices, introspection and the awareness of mortality. It is a reflection on the current stage of her life, both attractive and unpleasant at the same time. Moraitis contemplates the loss of innocence or vitality, the awakening of other desires and the internal struggle women face to redefine themselves, finding meaning beyond societal definitions of beauty and worth.

Working with a phrase or poem, her process begins in the medium of collage, taking cut-outs from the mass media and gradually constructing layered installations. Her approach involves collecting imagery from magazines, which she reproduces on MDF. She then blends these reproductions with elements of autobiographical iconography and symbology that resonate with her personal experiences.

Throughout the exhibition, Moraitis aims to highlight this time as superficially charming or alluring but lacking in depth or fulfilment. It invites the viewer to reflect on time’s fleeting nature and the existential questions that arise as one confronts the reality of aging, relationships, and societal pressures.

The imagery acts as a reclamation of hyper-sexuality, presenting visuals that appear suggestive within their context, while simultaneously challenging preconceived associations. Reminiscent of their original form, the cut of the paper is mimicked in the shape of the MDF, allowing for copycat tears and jagged scissor lines.

In Moraitis’ own words “it’s a process of understanding a phrase and recreating it in a new magnified form; the puns become visual, the origin of the image now decontextualized and reconstructed.”


Artist Biography

Featured in the Collect Art magazine’s Women Art/Special edition, 2023.Curated and exhibited the group exhibition ‘The shape of our true self’ at Stanley Picker Gallery, 2023, Kingston.

Group exhibition, Saint Nicholas, Meakin + Parsons X Hannah Payne, 2022, Oxford.

Woolwich Contemporary print fair with Meakin + Parsons X Hannah Payne, 2022.

Group exhibition, Made it 2022, 2022, Short Supply Manchester, Rogue Artist Studios, Manchester.Joint exhibition, 2022, The Dolphin Gallery, Oxford.

Awarded 2nd place for the Egerton Coghill Prize 2022 for my work ‘Out of Reach”.

Performance, ‘Laced with consent’, 2019, The Keswick film festival.

Group exhibition, ‘Mind the Gap’, 2019, The Lanes shopping centre, Carlisle.


TM Gallery

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