24th October 2023

Brink and the Fold

24 October – 2 November 2023 at TM Gallery

By appointment only 

TM Gallery is delighted to announce a new exhibition by Woolwich Contemporary Printmaking Prize Winners Chris Roantree and Akarsh Kummattummal.

The Brink and the Fold explores the intersection of nature, human histories, and imagination through junctions where the collaborators find cultural, artistic synergy. This love affair with the natural world and landscape delves into the concept of Rewilding, both from ecological and psychological human dimensions, while extolling the history of cinematic, gaming, and comic book culture. Potential human obsolescence is evoked in a continuous unravelling narrative where these habitats lean towards ideas of the multi-dimensional and stories become cyclical, mirrored and broken, looking back in on themselves.

Roantree x Kummattummal are an international, award winning, multi-disciplinary, London based collaboration practising in traditional etching and developing the intaglio print tradition. The duo unite the junctions of their own cultural histories and understanding through the printing plate and the publication of editions. The work draws heavily on landscape as a playground to tackle themes of environmental discord and multi-dimensional storytelling. The duo are planning residencies in Iceland and Patagonia for a future series of work and are represented by Eames Fine Art.

About TM Gallery + TM Lighting

TM Gallery is a collaborative not-for-profit space for collectors, and a curated platform for accomplished career artists, or those with a celebrated body of iconic works. We believe that when art is lit to its best, it has the power to transform an individual artwork or an entire collection. Our museum-quality art lighting helps us to achieve this, be it for an exhibition, an art fair, in our gallery, or your own home.

TM Lighting is illuminating the exhibition with its industry-leading GalleryOneThirty spotlights and GalleryOneSixty floodlights. Already found across London’s art market in galleries and museums, as well as luxury retail, the G130 ensures a delicate and even illumination. With 98+CRI high colour rendition, these spotlights provide true and clear whites and blacks emphasising the subtle contrasts of black & white prints.