4th December 2023

Heroes | Rosa Roberts

December 6 – January 11, 2023 at TM Gallery

By appointment only

This new exhibition brings together a collection of paintings inspired by Roberts’ profound connection with the artistic contributions of others.

“I have grown up looking at the work of painters who came before me in books. I feel very aware how much I am inspired by and influenced by painters such as Henry Matisse, Raoul Dufy and Ken Done. I feel an affinity with these three painters in particular who have worked so much with bright optimistic palettes and subject matter.”

This collection explores the experience of looking at the work of artists in books and that moment of recognition and inspiration in the mind and heart of the artist when looking at works they love.

This exhibition observes the intergenerational communion among artists, expressed through image, appropriation, and the incorporation of ideas, colour palettes, and spirit. In contemplating her relationship with imagery in books, Roberts became fascinated with integrating the graphic devices of book design into her own work. Some of these works use text and captions, combinations of different works within a single painting, and intentional white space. Through these artistic devices, the artist evokes the intimate and immersive experience of reading and looking at images in books.

About the Artist

Rosa Roberts, born in 1984, grew up on a fruit farm in Norfolk. In her teenage years, she moved to London with her family and pursued Fine Art at Central St Martin’s. Transitioning from a successful business that organised drawing workshops in London Museums for eight years, Rosa decided to dedicate herself full-time to painting in 2020.

Her artistic process typically begins with observational sketching at home, in the studio, or amidst nature. The creation of her large works involves numerous iterations of initial sketches until she finalises the composition, colour scheme, and materials. Inspired by her passion for travel and the tropics, Rosa finds creative expression during long-haul trips to overseas destinations. Over the last three years, her paintings have consistently featured themes of plants, nature, tropical motifs, and rich jewel colours, accompanied by bold gestural marks.

Throughout this period of intense creative exploration, Rosa’s use of texture has significantly evolved. Her surfaces now incorporate cardboard and collage, with the crevices and gaps between the painted chunks forming an integral part of the artwork. Rosa devotes considerable effort to planning and building up the texture of her surfaces across multiple days, emphasising patterns, directional marks, and layering in her work.


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The Spring Exhibition, Mint, London 2021

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Works on Paper 3, Blue Shop Cottage, London 2021

Crumpled Papers, Online at Paperback London, 2020

Residencies and Awards

The Ranelagh Press Award

Studio Residency, 20 Hoxton Square, London, August – November 2007

TM Gallery

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