27th January 2020

Aleph Contemporary presents two new exhibitions of contemporary art at TM Gallery.

After Great Pain…A Formal Feeling Comes

*This exhibition is postponed until further notice.

TM Lighting is pleased to announce two novel exhibitions presented in collaboration with London gallery Aleph Contemporary. These shows entitled “After Great Pain” and “A Formal Feeling Comes” bring together a selection of work by both established artists and emerging talents and present a new way of looking at contemporary artistic practice as a response to modern life.

 ‘After great pain, a formal feeling comes’ (Emily Dickinson)

Celebrating a breadth of practices ranging from figurative to abstract painting, these innovative group shows include work by both emerging and established artists. Part 1 showcases work by Christy Burdock, Joana Galego, Paul Newman, and Jaime Valtierra, and Part 2 features work by Willard Boepple, Peter Griffin, and Rebecca Meanley. 

“Some people think that painters have painted themselves into a corner, that painting is an irrelevance in the fast-moving, digital, algorithm-controlled world in which we serve our life sentence.…Today there are new freedoms in being a painter …There is now no sentinel standing over the manual of interpretation. You as the visitor are as free as you like to see what you like and don’t like in the paint”. (Alistair Hicks, Curator)

Peter Griffin, Cocoon, 2015 (detail)

These innovative exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to view new contemporary work by a diverse group of artists in dialogue. 

TM Lighting illuminates the works of art displayed using their Gallery G150 LED spotlights. As with TM’s full range of LED luminaires, the G150 uses high CRI 95+ color rendition LED’s.

The online catalogue will have a foreword by renowned curator and critic Alistair Hicks and an introduction by artist and art historian Ruth Smith.

*Exhibition Postponed. We are sorry to announce this exhibition is postponed. New dates to be announced. Please contact Aleph Contemporary Gallery with any enquiries. Further details are to be announced www.alephcontemporary.com

Images and press enquiries: iman.west@alephcontemporary.com

Image Credits: Top, Paul Newman, ‘Something in the Water’, 2019, 150 x 200 cm; Middle, Peter Griffin, ‘Cocoon’, 2015, 153 x 120 cm





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About Aleph Contemporary

Aleph Contemporary is a London contemporary art gallery specialising in influential and emerging contemporary art. We foster talent and showcase currents in international contemporary art in every genre, from still lifes, landscapes, portraits, figurative to abstract work as well as mixed media.

Our close relationships with participating artists means we have a unique inventory available to only to our clientele. Vetted and carefully considered, Aleph Contemporary artists have notable records of accomplishment, from educational achievements to special awards, accolades and work in important exhibitions and collections including top museums. As part of the London art community, the gallery fosters a vibrant programme including exhibitions, catalogues, salons, and exclusive interviews. Committed to voices of artists and contemporary practice, we are becoming a hub for intergenerational contemporary art. In addition to select shows and special publications, visit us at art fairs in London and abroad. www.alephcontemporary.com


About TM Lighting

TM Lighting is the UK’s leading art lighting specialist, manufacturing exceptional high colour rendition LED picture lights and luminaires for the art market.

TM Lighting is pleased to support artists through hosting annual exhibitions and providing complimentary exhibition space for artists, and gallery collaborations. Exhibitions in the TM Lighting gallery are specially lit, using the GalleryOneFifity (G150) LED spotlights. As with TM Lighting’s full range of LED luminaires the G150 uses high CRI 95+ colour rendition LED’s to bring art to life.

For further information please contact: marketing@tmlighting.com