27th September 2018

September 2018 – Made In Arts London 2018 Collection Exhibition at TM Lighting Gallery

TM Lighting has collaborated with University of the Arts London’s Made in Arts London to present the ‘MiAL 2018 Collection’, showcasing art and design from UAL students. During the exhibition TM Lighting will provide an artist Q&A to find out a bit more about the artist and their work at this stage in their career.

Artist Interview: Sebastian Chaumeton

  • UAL College: Chelsea
  • Course: BA Fine Art
  • Graduation Year: 2019

Please give an explanation of the ideas/themes behind the works that you are showcasing with MiAL, and at TM Lighting Gallery.

I treat my paintings like sketches for my sculptures. I like to think of it as mentally throwing up on the canvas so that I can pick out the juicy bits and work out what’s really on my mind. Recently I’ve been more interested in relinquishing responsibility for the characters I create within my artwork, allowing the public/ viewers to suggest what I paint. Through large-scale murals and paintings I isolate interesting aesthetical/ political/ social elements to digest further in other mediums. To me this is the art that excites me. To give life to ideas based within these conglomerates of characters and evolve them from these shared spaces. Because of this collaborative process, themes vary from pop culture and politics to the mundane and magical.

What were your inspirations behind the pieces that are being shown with MiAL?

These particular pieces have the same concept as mentioned before however the imagery comes from a more personal space. Conscience and Subconscious thoughts and feelings co exist on the same canvas. I enjoy referencing not only pop culture but also art historical works. I like to flip the concepts of a well-known artists work against their aesthetical value for a humorous re imagining of the paintings. The artwork within the exhibition (Mellow Mouse & Friends) was an exploration of line and character. I wanted to distort the well know Disney characters Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Pluto through my lens into a flat two dimensional image. The lines blur together just as the ideas around copyright do within this heavily saturated image based world.

Who are specific artists or practitioners who you feel have had some influence on your work?

Keith Haring is a huge influence not only in his aesthetic but his philosophies around art. Not only on an aesthetical level but also in a philosophical sense of what art can be. Art that your 3 year old niece, grandpa and everyone in between can enjoy.

Paula Rego’s fairytale like pastel pictures have also inspired me in their stark contrast of childish imagery and dark subject matter. David Hockney, Kaws, Philip Guston, Jordon Wolfson and Laura Ford are just a few who also inspire me.

What do you hope your audience will take away from your work?

A smile

What inspires you particularly about the medium you currently work in?

From my paintings I primarily sculpt characters of interest in ceramics. I love working in clay not only for its freeing, hands-on messy aspects but also for its rewarding finish. Ceramic sculptures don’t just produce value from their desirable finish but also in their ability to solidify the value of time and effort. When fired the once playfully soft, manipulative clay becomes still, containing ones ideas and energy in a single moment.

How did you develop your process?

“Doodling” has always been a habit for me and it’s taken me a while to fully accept and appreciate it in its own right as art. I see the paintings as me mentally throwing up on the canvas to pick at the juicy bits. The large scale public murals are what’s most recent with this style. I’ve had a lot of fun relinquishing the responsibility of the context in my work and allowing the public to influence the imagery within a performative setting.

How does it feel to be selected for MiAL Collection 2018 exhibition at the TM Lighting Gallery, what’s been the highlight?

It feels amazing! I’m so grateful for the mural opportunities they have given me! You’ll be seeing a lot more around London in the not too distant future.

What are you currently working on, or what is next?

What’s next is realising some characters within these shared spaces in three dimensional mediums. Primarily I’ll be working in ceramics with a twist…


top: Artist pictured in front of mural outside TM Lighting Gallery, created for the MiAL 2018 exhibition.

left: Mellow Mouse and Friends, Acrylic on Canvas Original 60 x 80 cm (unframed) £80.00

right, Bubblegum, Acrylic on Canvas, Original 100 x 152 cm (unframed) £400.00

Find out more and buy work by Seb here

Social media:

Instagram: @scartwurk

Youtube: Sebastian Chaumeton