31st March 2020

TM Lighting is pleased to collaborate with Aleph Contemporary to show a series of exhibitions supporting artists. We are continuing our art programme online by featuring exhibitions and contemporary artists from the London gallery, many of whom will show virtual solo exhibitions.

From 1st – 15th May, visit Aleph Contemporary’s Viewing Room to view their first solo exhibition with Gordon Dalton: ‘Birdhouse Blues’.

“The paintings are not directly images of certain paintings or places, but rather an idea of a place and the melancholy of longing and wanting to belong. An unfashionable romanticism grounded in the act of painting.”

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Artist Spotlight: Gordon Dalton

British contemporary artist, Gordon Dalton (b. 1971) has earned an international reputation for his resplendently coloured paintings. He holds his MA, Fine Art, University of Northumbria, and an honours BA, Fine Art, University of Wales, Cardiff. Select residencies include URRA, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016 and the Chapter Art Gallery, Cardiff, 2007. 

Gordon Dalton: left, Adverse Camber, 2019, 30 x 25 cm, acrylic on canvas, right ‘Fret’ 2019, 40 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas.


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Overview by Rosa JH Berland, Curator, Writer & Historian, New York, USA, courtesy Aleph Contemporary.

Gordon Dalton’s contemporary interiors and landscape paintings reveal traces of style and form from the Nabis, Fauvism and twentieth century Abstraction, a captivating orchestration of impasto, areas of bare canvas and an expressive use of colour. 

This sensibility is seen in series of intimate domestic scenes, sections of flat rendering creating fluidity between exterior and interior spaces. This stylistic approach reveals the artist’s interest in the Japanese tradition of landscape, what he describes as “an epic landscape, multiple horizons and perspectives, all flattened down into one image.” 

Indeed, the places depicted in Dalton’s pictures reside somewhere between fantasy, nostalgia and a decorative beauty. The artist notes he combines memories of places he has lived, revisited and “long longingly imagined as well as references to significant places and art history.” In schematically composed landscapes in harmonious yet contrasting hues, Dalton lays out scenes of patterned splendour, trees among area of biomorphic pools of colour, outlined in black. A certain dynamism of line recalls the extravagantly detailed and gorgeous work of Édouard Vuillard but now with a certain inflection of the calligraphy of artists like Cy Twombly. 

The artist works in various formats, often beginning with a series of small canvas paintings and eventually transitioning to large studies of the same subject matter. Much of his approach is spontaneous, expressed as such in work that artfully plays with the tension of decorative form and painterly expressionism. 


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