31st March 2020

TM Lighting is pleased to collaborate with Aleph Contemporary to show a series of exhibitions supporting artists. We are continuing our art programme online by featuring exhibitions and contemporary artists from the London gallery, many of whom will show virtual solo exhibitions.

From 15th – 30th April, visit Aleph Contemporary’s Viewing Room to view their first solo exhibition with Helen Brough: ‘Lightscapes’.

“What I am seeking is not the real or the unreal but something intangible – the unconscious. It is my job as an artist to deepen this mystery, to explore the instinctive and to make people look.” (Helen Brough)

Artist Spotlight: Helen Brough

Widely exhibited, British artist Helen Brough (b.1966) has been painting for over twenty  years and holds her BA Honours and MA Sculpture from the Chelsea School of Art, London. In addition to the Prix de Rome and the Prince Charles Travel Scholarship, the artist is the recipient of funding from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, the Soros Foundation, and the Triangle Arts Association.

Helen Brough, left ‘Dark Prussian Blue- Striped’ 2019, 45 x 45 cm. Right, ‘Charcoal Black – Cerulean Blue’, 2019. Pastel on Paper, 45 x 45 cm.


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Overview by Rosa JH Berland. Curator,Curator, Writer & Historian, New York, USA, courtesy Aleph Contemporary.

British artist Helen Brough is internationally admired for her contemporary series of exuberantly light infused scenes of city, nature, flowers, and landscape. Through bright depictions of moving light and colour Brough’s work is a reverie concerned with the emotive power of natural phenomena. 

Specific influences include the symbolic landscape art of the Southern Sung Dynasty particularly in the way pattern and poetry are mediated within one image plane. Indeed, the artist notes she is primarily inspired by the natural world, and her prismatic vision appears transformed by the intersection of dream worlds and optical illusion. Botanical and floral imagery are read within the surface, yet an abstraction of elemental light and hues evoke a sensibility that lies somewhere between Impressionistic treatment of light, Abstract Expressionism and the boldness of post war American art, emerging as a distinctive style of painting that is utterly and refreshingly contemporary. 

In many ways, her innovative approach to the subject matter of landscape and botanicals is an extension of Pop Art’s investigation of graphic and palette driven studies of colour, light and form, and may be compared to the expansively large imaginative and abstract work of James Rosenquist. Technically fluent and experimental, Brough’s breathtaking oeuvre includes large scale installations, oil paintings as well as watercolours.

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