6th November 2019

TM Lighting proudly presented an exhibition by British contemporary artist, George Triggs, 5th December 2019 until 12th March 2020, at TM Gallery.  ‘Between Love and Fear’ was the first solo sculpture exhibition to be shown at TM Lighting Gallery,  revealing Triggs’ major new life-sized work of two colliding human forms cast in bronze, unveiled for the first time at TM Lighting Gallery in London.

Installation view. Left, ‘Influence’, right: ‘Between Love & Fear’, by George Triggs

Forming the centrepiece of a collection of nine artworks, the title piece of this show, ‘Between love and fear’ is Triggs’ most ambitious project to date.  This captivating two figure, life-size bronze sculpture reveals a true mastery of figurative artistic skill.

Triggs invites his audience to engage with their own subjective response to the piece.  Conceptually, the sculpture is a physical representation of complex and often bewildering emotions which he hopes are recognised by the observer and reflected back to them.  By holding a mirror up to ourselves and observing our pain and suffering from the outside, we are offered a new perspective and a deeper understanding of ourselves that brings with it a visceral sense of solace.

“Between love and fear’ depicts two figures in conflict with each other, and within themselves.  In human relationships, we so deeply want to love, and to be loved, yet a profound sense of fear creates a disparity which can be all consuming.  It is the longing to embrace, but the urge to push away.  While we are pulled in two directions, we remain stuck in our own turmoil.”

George Triggs

Throughout his career, George Triggs has been widely praised for his work as an innovative and progressive contemporary sculptor.  He has produced a catalogue of public sculptures as well as personal works of art, earning him first place in the Founders’ Sculpture Prize 2012/13, and finalist for the V&A Sculpture prize 2007.

TM Lighting is pleased to support artists through hosting an annual programme of collaborative exhibitions and providing complimentary exhibition space. Artwork shown in this exhibition is for sale and all proceeds goes direct to the artist.

Exhibitions in the TM Lighting Gallery are lit using TM’s specialist art lighting products, the Gallery G150 LED spotlights. As with TM’s full range of LED luminaires, the G150 uses high CRI 95+ colour rendition LED’s.

Using high CRI is important when lighting art, to ensure true colour accuracy, bringing the art to life. Its particularly important when lighting bronzes, so that the rich tones of the patina are revealed.

For this exhibition, TM Lighting are using a warm colour temperature at 2700k bringing out the red tones and warmth of the bronze.

Photography: Damian Griffiths.

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For further information about George Triggs and sales enquiries:

T: 07815 777991 | E: mail@georgetriggs.com | W: www.georgetriggs.com | Border Studio | Oak Street | Oswestry | SY11 1LJ