30th June 2019

Dísir – an exhibition in collaboration with Kristian Day Gallery and Jeanette Gunnarson

11th July  – 30th August 2019 at TM Gallery

TM Lighting is delighted to announce Dísir, an exhibition in collaboration with curators Kristian Day and Jeanette Gunnarson featuring work by contemporary artists Aisha Christison, Anousha Payne and Lucy Evetts.

Dísir explores the correlation of digital and spiritual ‘other worlds’, new and old realities be they algorithmic or folkloric. Free association and creativity are pitted against and merged with automated reasoning. How much expression is left to chance? Fittingly the Dísir of our title were the female deities of Norse mythology known to control fate, be it benevolent or hostile.

Aisha Christison’s paintings are saccharine dreamlike scenes that pay homage to formative years spent between the virtual and physical world. Operating outside of conventional dimensional planes, Christison employs imagery using interwoven fragments of her personal history through a visual language made possible by digital technology yet also shows its origins in European post-expressionism. With a strong sense of nostalgia, her paintings offer the viewer an intimate view to her interior world.

Anousha Payne’s work explores the human pursuit of spirituality in object form, as a form of cultural expression that is distinct from religious symbolism. Through the process of psychic automatism and free-association, she is interested in the possibility of imbuing spirituality into an object, and in the material qualities of religious or spiritual objects. Payne is currently researching the anthropological notion of new animism and is exploring how this can express spirituality through instinctive drawings and watercolour paintings, these are then translated into sculptures. This process seeks to build an aesthetic dialogue and personal visual language as a meditative interaction. A recurring theme is highlighting the incongruity between ancient materiality and modern technology.

Lucy Evetts makes paintings and installations using a variety of different approaches that include paint, silk screen and print. Using text and imagery Evetts creates fragmented voices and visual languages that continuously collide juggling private and public experiences. Predominantly sourcing her imagery from social media, led by her own online algorithm, and attempts to question ideas of intimacy and modes of sharing to create paradoxical narratives.

TM Lighting, leading art lighting specialists, will collaborate with Kristian Day and Jeanette Gunnarson to illuminate the works of art in Dísir using their high colour rendition LED gallery spotlights to bring the works of art to life within TM Lighting Gallery.

A Private View will take place on 10th July, 6.30 pm – 8.30pm.


Image: Lucy Evetts, Lucy Evetts, Sweet Thing, oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm


A collaboration between Kristian Day and TM Lighting.

Private View – 6.30pm – 8.30pm, Wednesday July 10th, 2019

July 11th – August 30th, 2019.

Exhibition open hours: weekdays 10am – 5pm, by prior appointment.

E: kris@kristianday.co.uk

Artist Biographies

Aisha Christison is a British artist working in Brussels. She graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2012 and completed the Florence Trust residency program in 2016.

Anousha Payne (b. 1991 in Southampton) lives and works in London and graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2014.

Lucy Evetts (b. 1989) graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2018. She lives and works in London.

Kristian Day Gallery is a nomadic curatorial platform collaborating with private galleries, institutions and individuals, developing and arranging a programme of exhibitions and events throughout the UK. Established in 2015, Kristian Day Gallery rapidly developed a reputation for fostering early career artist development and of re-contextualising established artists practice.

Alongside the exhibition and events programme Kristian Day Gallery is also behind the popular Paper Cuts events, a commercial platform for contemporary artists to sell works on paper. Additionally, currently in development, is a satellite company dedicated to contemporary artist editions and an experimental project space. Kristian Day is also curating the 2020 programme for The Broadway, a new public gallery based in Hertfordshire.

Jeanette Gunnarsson is a freelance curator and artist based in London.

She has previously curated exhibitions at Salon, Brixton and Subsidiary Projects. Jeanette has assisted Kristian with his programme since 2016 and co-curated the exhibitions Arc, Herrick Gallery, London 2018 and Terraforms, Concept Space, London 2018.

Private View: RSVP@tmlighting.com

Exhibition address and contact: TM Lighting Gallery, 7 Cubitt Street, London, WC1X 0HF | www.tmlighting.com | info@tmlighting.com | t: +44 (0)207 278 1600