24th January 2023

Sam Wood – As You Could Imagine

25th January – 1st March 2023 at TM Gallery

“I am a country boy who moved to the city. Many of the concerns I now have about landscape, architecture and the natural world have this simple thought at their beginning.” – Sam Wood

For several years, gardens have been featured in Sam Wood’s work, appearing in exhibitions which have focused on notions of contemporary Englishness as articulated by architecture, interiors, and landscape. The works shown here are the result of a year of more concerted focus on the gardens and flora in Wood’s local area.

Central to Wood’s practice is the importance of drawing, both in dry and wet media, where broad brushtrokes of diluted oil paint underpin lyrical linework in soft pastel. Rendered in joyful, saturated colour the resultant works radiate effects of light that ripple across the paper, creative a sense of restless energy as lively as the natural subjects they depict.

Since 2018, Wood has presented solo exhibitions with David Collins Studio, Shreeji News and Gloucester Room Gallery. He continues to work collaboratively with luxury brands such as Harrods, Liberty, Brian O’Sullivan Studio and Billecart Salmon. He regularly undertakes large scale commissions for both corporate and residential projects and has work represented in private collections internationally.

TM Lighting is pleased to support artists through hosting annual exhibitions and providing complimentary exhibition space for artists, and gallery collaborations. Exhibitions in the TM Lighting gallery are lit by the GalleryOneThirty (G130) LED spotlights and the GalleryOneSixty (G160) LED floodlights. As with TM Lighting’s full range of LED luminaires the G160 and the G130 use high CRI 95+ colour rendition LED’s. Artworks can now benefit from more precise lighting, drawing the viewer to connect with each piece. For further information please contact: marketing@tmlighting.com

Exhibition open hours: weekdays 10am – 5pm, by prior appointment.

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