1. TM Lighting Ltd guarantees that TM Lighting range of standard products are free from manufacturing and/or material defects,as long as they are used in compliance with their intended use, for a period of 1 year from the invoice date.

2. TM Lighting Ltd guarantees that TM Lighting LED’s are free from manufacturing and/or material defects, as long as they are usedin compliance with their intended use, for a period of 5 years from the invoice date (standard use of 8 hours per day, 365 days peryear).

3. This warranty (“Warranty”) is given by TM Lighting to your company (“Customer”) on the standard products included in itscatalogues.

4. The warranty shall only be effective subject to the following conditions:

a) The products are used in compliance with the relevant specifications on the products and the relevant use (technicalspecification).

b) Any installation and/or assembly work is carried out by specialised technical staff on the Product in compliance with theinstructions accompanying the product.

c) Temperature and either constant current or constant voltage limits are not exceeded and the product is not subjected tomechanical loads which do not comply with its intended use.

d) The Product is maintained by specialised technical staff in compliance with any instructions accompanying the product. Theproduct shall not be changed/repaired either without the relevant written authorisation or not in compliance with the enclosed instructions.

e) The defective product is stored by the customer in its defective state, safely with secured packaging in a dry location for the timerequired by TM Lighting to carry out the necessary checks on the reported defects/faults.

f) The defect – once it has been duly specified and its nature and scale recorded – is reported in writing by the customer to TMLighting within sixty (60) days from its discovery subject to forfeiture.

g) The customer has duly paid for the product in compliance with the payment terms agreed in the sales agreement.

5. The Warranty does not cover:

a) Product defects due to unforeseen events i.e. accidental circumstances and/or force of nature (including electric shocks,lightning) that cannot be ascribed to a defective manufacturing process of the Product.

b) Defects caused by power discturbances (surges) of range or duration superior to domestic recommended values.

6. Should the Product be affected by defects covered by this Warranty and as long as the conditions under paragraphs 4 and 5above are met, TM Lighting shall be free to decide in its absolute discretion whether to repair and/or replace the Product with thesame or an equivalent Product – subject to product development cycles taken place since release of the affected product.

7. The Warranty shall not cover:

a) Any extra costs resulting from work needed to repair the defect (e.g. costs incurred to transport the defective/repaired/newproduct as well as expensed incurred for disposal, allowances, travel, lifting devices and scaffolding). Said costs shall be charged tothe customer.

b) All parts subject to general wear and tear (LEDs excluded), batteries, mechanical parts subject to wear and tear.

c) Products distributed by TM Lighting under the brand name of a different manufacturer.

8. The customer shall claim no further rights from TM Lighting in relation to the defective product. In particular, the Customer maynot claim from TM Lighting any expenses incurred in storage of product nor any other costs and/or compensation. In addition thecustomer shall not request and/or claim any payment extensions, price reductions or termination of a supply contract agreed.

Please read the instructions carefully before installation and commissioning.

Keep the instructions for users/customers for future reference.

These instructions contain generally applicable notes and are supplemented by pictorial instructions for the luminaire concerned.

1. General safety information Warning! Risk of electrocution!

Before carrying out maintenance and installation on the luminaire, disconnect from the mains supply and also from any otherDALI / control wiring, and ensure that all power is switched off.Never operate luminaires with damaged connection cables or damaged or missing protective covers.

2. Intended use

The luminaire is suitable for use in dry interiors only.

3. Restrictions

Wall mounting
If the track is mounted horizontally, only use luminaires which weigh less than 2kg max are to be fitted.If mounted vertically, the guide slot of the track profile must be on the right.The maximum permissible weight of the luminaires is 3.50kg.

4. Installation

When installing, always observe the national installation and accident prevention regulations.Choosing the mounting location Luminaires with LED modules must be positioned so as to avoid operation in direct sunlight ornear other sources of heat. High ambient temperatures reduce the life and efficiency of the control gear or LED module.

5. Electrical installation

To avoid any damage to the electronic control gear on a 3-circuit installation, the neutral conductor of electronic control gear must never be interrupted.

Over-voltage protection – To protect electronic components from overload, e.g. when switching inductive loads, separate excess voltage protection devices can be used, connected in parallel on the input side.

6. Dimming

Depending on the model, the luminaire can be dimmed using a suitable mains dimmer (trailing edge) or via 1-10v or DALI.Trailing-edge dimmers – For some low-energy products, the luminaire or dimmer can only be switched on in the upper dimming range. Observe minimum and maximum recommended loads of your chosen dimmer module to ensure operation. Before installation and connection, check luminaire, control gear and dimmer combination for proper functioning of the dimmer,especially when using universal dimmers.

The use of dimmers which are unsuitable for LED drivers can damage the luminaire, control gear and/or the dimmer. No responsibility is accepted for the use of dimmers that are unsuitable for the luminaire.Potentiometer – The lamp lumens can be variably adjusted using the potentiometer, where ‘local dimming’ functionality has been specified, please note that local dimming with potentiometer cannot be used in conjunction with secondary dimming from a central control system or wall dimmer. Operate on a switched circuit only where ‘local dimming’ is utlilised.

7. Maintenance

Damaged cables
To avoid risks, if this luminaire has a damaged external flexible cable, it must only be replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified technician.

Replacement of LED modules – If an LED module fails, the entire luminaire must be returned to the factory for operational safety reasons. For information on LED replacement please contact TM Lighting. Flashing of the LED module – It is normal for the LED module to flicker at some frequencies notable to film and television when operating.

8. Cleaning

Before cleaning, disconnect from mains supply and allow luminaire to cool. Regular cleaning is essential. The required intervals and methods depend on the mounting location, the mounting situation and the ambient conditions.

Clean with a damp, soft cloth and a standard pH neutral, alcohol-free, nonabrasive cleaning agent.The LED modules should not be cleaned, as the LEDs are susceptible to mechanical and electrostatic discharge damage.The LED modules are protected against soiling by the optic lenses and so do not need to be cleaned.

9. Disposal

In accordance with EU Directive WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), luminaires must not be disposed of with other household waste. At the end of their life, luminaires must be taken to the appropriate local facility available for the disposal or recycling of electronic products.