Dominic Beattie at JGM Gallery, London

March 2018

TM Lighting provided specialist art lighting for Dominic Beattie’s solo exhibition CASCADE – marketing a celebration of JGM Gallery’s first anniversary.

CASCADE is an explosion of colour and pattern, and sees Dominic install his first wall painting, pulling the entire expanse of a street facing wall, confronting visitors as they approach the gallery.

CASCADE also includes items of furniture, developed with the design input of his partner Lucia Buceta. The pieces are as described; ‘Studio Chair’, ‘Studio Bench’ 

JGM Gallery in Battersea, London, for their programme of exhibitions of contemporary Aboriginal and British art. TM Lighting’s ZeroSixty and G150 range of LED spotlights ensure artworks are lit to perfection, whilst fitting in seamlessly within the contemporary setting.
For more information visit JGM Gallery
Photography: Damian Griffiths


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