FBC London for Fiona Barratt Campbell Interiors

January 2014

Exploring the intimacy of the design process and craft drives the influence and narrative of FBC London. Foundered by internationally acclaimed interior designer, Fiona Barratt-Campbell, in 2014, the designs herald a return to brutalism woven in with an elegance, melding a sense of fantasy with clean, modern lines.

Impeccably crafted, meticulously detailed, and luxuriously defined, the FBC London collections are crucial passages in contemporary design.

Fiona Barratt-Campbell used TM Lighting to light her new retail space at FBC London.

TM Lighting’s ZeroSixty LED accent light was the tool for the job with high colour rendition 95+ CRI LED art light module, to see all of the delicate finishes in their true colour.

To find out more about FBC London and their collection, please visit their website.

FBC London


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