Gustoso Mumbai, by Rosendale Design

July 2019

Rosendale Design selected TM Lighting to provide specialist LED art lighting for their project to design Gustoso, Mumbai, a restaurant described as bringing the soul of Italy to the heart of Mumbai.

TM Lighting provided the new Aydin Picture Light for feature pieces and works of art displayed in the restaurant.

The TM Aydin Picture Light incorporates all of the high-performance LED technology of TM Lighting’s full range of Picture Lights, housed within decorative Art Deco design features. Ideal for luxury interior schemes for hotels, restaurants and lifestyle projects, the Aydin Picture Light is suitable for artworks ranging from 400-1000mm width, offering one-size-fits-all flexibility for rolling art collections.

The Aydin Picture Light is fabricated in solid brass complimented by fine grooved detailing, and a soft-brushed finish. The Aydin offers even light distribution for small to medium artworks up to H1000mm x W1000mm.

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Photography by John Carey.


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