‘Line of Light’ at Selfridges Denim Studio

June 2013

TM Lighting provided specialist lighting for ‘Line of Light’ at Selfridges Denim Studio.

Hot on the heels of TM Lighting’s recent commendation at the Lighting Design Award’s; the specialists in the manufacture of LED luminaries for art lighting, were awarded the commission to create a “Line of Light” in the new Denim Studio, which launched at Selfridge’s last week.

Working alongside HMKM Architects and PJC Light Studio (Lighting Designer), TM Lighting were briefed in to manufacture an illuminated visual providing both atmosphere and intuitive navigation for customers, as they move around the 26,000 sq ft Denim Studio space, from entrance portal to “Fit Studio.”

The installation is a part suspended, part surface mounted remote-controlled linear line of light, which neatly defines the retail space. Affectionately known as “LOL”, the installation links the emphatic neon signage by Light Artist, Chris Flintoff, and wraps around the space from the entrance, to the “Fit Studio” and fitting rooms, across the ceiling, zig-zagging through the concessions and floating under the 1920s’ corniced ceiling. The minimal glowing opal acrylic luminaire sits between the discreet spotlights, highlighting the merchandise for dramatic effect.

The retail experience continues with TM Lighting’s changing room light design – a responsive, suspended glowing light-bulb, which pulsates blue for customer attention, or illuminates when the booth is occupied.

The Denim Studio is a culmination of architectural and lighting design, bringing together visual navigation for the shopper and creating a ‘wow-factor’ installation. The result is a unique retail experience and an exciting and innovative application of TM Lighting’s diverse fabrication capabilities.