Waddesdon Manor, Bachelors Wing

We have recently completed our latest project at Waddesdon Manor, a magnificent French Renaissance château which has been the family seat of the Rothschilds since 1874. In the Bachelors’ Wing, the Armoury Corridor is adorned with historical arms and exceptional artworks. Creating the right harmony of light in a long corridor, using light fixtures that draw attention to the features within the space without distracting because of their size, or create glare because of their location, is always a fine balance.

The artwork and ceiling were formerly lit by large picture lights which have a tendency to be slightly overbearing in a narrow space, so we updated this scheme to incorporate a discreet yet configurable picture light that enabled us to not only ‘downlight’ the artwork, but also ‘uplight’ the ceiling. While the SlimLight Pro would usually be used in a contemporary setting, on this occasion its profile was ideal; allowing it to disappear into the dark background while creating a uniform light to the artwork and the ceiling. We also accented the corridor with our ZeroForty spotlight, custom finished to disappear into the red silk walls and positioned to draw as little attention as possible.


Products Used