Wartski St James’s, London 

April 2018

TM Lighting worked with lighting designers Illumination Works to provide specialist art lighting for Wartski, London.

The interior of the new Wartski boutique is inspired by the brutalist architecture of the antique jeweller’s former location and other buildings, such as The National Theatre. Through the doors of the ornate, classical façade, the design team has created a surprising contrast for visiting customers.

The intricate wall vitrine lighting system utilises adjustable spotlights and ambient lighting element in various colour temperatures to achieve focussed, shadow-free intensity with the precision normally associated with museum gallery lighting. The precision and intensity of light makes the exquisite merchandise the clear focus.

TM Lighting provided the ZeroSixty Artpoints installed discreetly within the jewellery vitrines, with 96+ CRI LED to bring the jewellery to life.

Architect: Waldo Works

Lighting Design: Illumination Works

Photography: Višnja Jovanović