As leaders in the field of specialist LED art lighting, TM Lighting is committed to remaining at the forefront of advances in modern lighting technology.

TM Lighting originally developed game-changing TM Picture Light design for the heritage sector to address the inefficiencies presented by poor quality lighting and dated technology.

TM Lighting’s LED Picture Light range engages the latest LED technology with 97+ high CRI colour rendition to vastly improve overall light distribution and quality, whilst reducing maintenance needs and addressing sustainability in light of energy savings legislation.

TM Lighting’s range of LED Accent Lights, Gallery Spotlights and Picture Lights are designed with 97+ high CRI colour rendition to bring art to life.

Key considerations the TM Lighting product range addresses:

Quality of Light

TM Lighting work continually to research and incorporate the latest and best LED technology to ensure they meet their Three C’s methodology:

Colour Rendition – Not all light sources are equal. Colour rendition is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to render the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. Daylight (natural light) is used as the benchmark 100 CRI (100%). When choosing LEDs for lighting art, we recommend 97+ CRI. TM Lighting only use LED’s with a colour rendition (CRI) above 97+ CRI throughout their entire product range.

Colour Temperature – LED lighting is available in various warmths of light. These can affect the look and feel of an artwork and its environment. TM Lighting carefully select the colour temperature (warmth of light) to suit the environment of each collection it illuminates.

Colour Consistency – TM Lighting’s LED technology is matched across the entire product range to provide continuity of colour and performance throughout each project.

TM Lighting ensure the full colour of an artwork is brought to life through the use of the highest quality LED lighting. TM utilise LEDs which deliver the full colour spectrum beyond the markers used by other manufacturers.

Light Distribution

From picture lights to spotlights, TM Lighting use optics that ensure a visually even distribution of light across an artwork.  This even distribution ensures that the canvas is viewed as the artist intended and not artificially enhanced in a particular region of a painting.

Art Conservation

TM Lights ensure that lux levels are precisely set to conservation standards for each artwork and eliminate damaging elements such as infra-red, heat and ultraviolet. 

Our picture lights and accent lights can be individually dimmed to maintain the correct lux levels on an artwork to avoid premature fading through over lighting.  The conservation and preservation of a valuable artwork are essential to maintaining both its colour and value. This ensure the emitted light levels are in line with CIBSE Lighting Guide LG8 for museums and art galleries.

Light levels can be dimmed with locally or remotely (subject to configuration) to meet the required light levels on each artwork.

TM Lighting ensures that it only utilises LED’s which emit light within the visible light spectrum.  This removes the more damaging portions of the light spectrum which are infrared and ultraviolet.

Each product design utilises light sources which emit negligible forward heat emission.

The combination of the above factors ensure the upmost conservation of each artwork and their vibrant pigments.

Energy Saving

TM Lighting ensures its products are energy efficient and deliver high output while maintaining quality of colour.

A typical TM Picture Light utilises as little as 10% of the energy of a traditional incandescent S15 lamp picture light.


TM Lighting utilise high quality LED’s across their product range which on normal use in TM products will deliver around 50,000 hours.  This compares to around 1000 hours for the S15 lamps used typically in older picture lights.  This is a significant maintenance saving.

When comparing the ongoing maintenance of 100no. S15 lamp picture lights (typical to historic houses) against TM LED picture lights illuminating equivalent sized artworks, TM picture lights could save up to £4000 per annum in energy and maintenance costs.