Frieze London 2022

In October 2022, we were proud to deliver one of our most exciting projects, illuminating the world-renowned contemporary art fair, Frieze London.

Our project encompassed lighting all galleries and concourses, supplying the highest quality of light for a fraction of the energy use and associated carbon footprint. We supplied state-of-the-art GalleryOneThirty (G130) spotlights and GalleryOneSixty (G160) floodlights for the whole fair, creating a textured yet consistent lighting experience for all galleries participating in the event. High colour rendition lighting is key to experiencing an artwork to its fullest, and our lighting provision for this year’s fair providelighting rated at 98 on the colour rendition index.

When utilised correctly, LED art lighting has the capability to create an excellent quality of light while significantly cutting the environmental footprint and energy costs. The use of our lights at Frieze this year reduced the energy usage by more than 5000 kWh, halving the energy use on lighting by approximately half. All businesses operating in the art market must consider their environmental footprint and we take this commitment seriously with all projects.

We deliver our projects with versatility in mind, which has never been truer than with this installation fromlighting holographic artworks to adjusting light colour and temperature our adaptable lights give texture and better rendition to the hundreds of pieces on display.

Nearby, we also had the pleasure of illuminating galleries participating in Frieze Masters, ‘bringing art to light’ to works by some of the most renowned artists in history.

Photography: Andrew Beasley