Masterpiece Private Dining Room by Natalia Miyar

July 2019

TM lighting illuminates The Masterpiece London Sculpture Series 2019.

TM Lighting partnered once again with Masterpiece London, the capital’s leading cross-collecting fair (27th June – 3rd July 2019), as art lighting specialists including lighting a series of major sculptures and installations using TM Lighting’s exceptional LED products.

The Masterpiece Private Dining Room designed by Natalia Miyar featured exquisite hand painted wallpaper by Fromental. Miyar collaborated with Fromental Design to create this stunning one of a kind hand painted wallcovering. Miyar worked closely with the British wallcovering company to create a design that evolved from a number of cultural influences, including one of her favourite paintings called ‘La Jungla’ by Cuban artist Wifredo Lam.

TM Lighting provided our ZeroSixty specialist high colour rendition accent LED art lighting to highlight key features in the vibrantly coloured room, layered with vintage and modern elements, ensuring the colours are rich and vibrant.

Ben Fisher Photography


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