Ralph Anderson at TM Lighting Gallery

October 2018

TM Lighting presented an exhibition by British contemporary artist Ralph Anderson from 18th October – 21st December 2018.

The exhibition showcased Anderson’s bold abstract paintings including a large-scale, three panel triptych The Dog of Flanders, based on the Rubens altarpiece Descent from the Cross, in addition to a new multi-panel work Epicurus’ Interplanetary Conservatory which brings a more recognisably representational aspect to Anderson’s exploration of colour and gestural mark making. Additionally, examples of Anderson’s drawings and works on paper will compliment the larger aluminium and plywood pieces.
The exhibition One Thousand Years includes work from Anderson’s Lucent Umbra series, meaning ‘glowing’ or ‘shining’ shadow, referring to the technique he employs to give each work the illusion of a backlit glow and coloured shadow. This enhancement of the pared back and cut out paintings, that hang as floating reliefs, bring the surrounding walls of the gallery into play with the artwork, acting as temporal backgrounds for each image and erasing the definitive, framed edge of the painting. The resulting works hover between illusion and physical reality, investigating gesture and form whilst also playing with the notions of representation and non-representation in art.
TM Lighting collaborated with Anderson to illuminate the paintings using the GALLERYONEFIFTY high colour rendition LED spotlights to further enhance the luminosity of the neon reflective paint, investigating light, colour and shadow to reveal the three-dimensional qualities of the works within the gallery.
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