25th May 2023

Fleeting Permanence

May 24 – June 30, 2023 at TM Gallery

We are pleased to welcome Carrie Jean Goldsmith to TM Gallery for an exhibition centring on the wonder of paint, texture and light, entitled ‘Fleeting Permanence’. The show will open with a private view on 24 May and then will run until 30 June.

The show’s title, ‘Fleeting Permanence’, may initially sound like an oxymoron but in fact perfectly describes the fleeting nature of expressionistic painting. Goldsmith’s abstracted landscapes in natural tones are built from initial decisions of format, scale and palette, before leading into inevitable morphing of strokes. Her exploratory edges lead into gestural marks that are made, then sometimes wiped away. New paintings often form on top of original ideas, yet some phantom glimpses of previous forms may creep through, providing nuances that could never be planned.

‘Fleeting Permanence’ presents the full fervour of Goldsmith’s latest explorations and conclusions in paint, revealing the results of enabling the planned and unplanned to come together in harmony. The deep tones of brown, green, grey and blue that are often found in Goldsmith’s work require careful lighting to reveal their full power to the audience.

We utilise our state-of-the-art TM GalleryOneThirty (G130) spotlights to bring each work ‘to light’ singularly, yet keeping part of a consistent lighting scheme for the entire show. Using the correct colour temperature, how cool or warm a light source is, enables the colour palette in each work to be truly revealed. The exhibition private view on 24 May will be hosted by TM Lighting’s founders Harry Triggs and Andrew Molyneux, in the presence of the artist. Drinks and nibbles will be served.

The exhibition will run from May 24th until June 30th. If you would like to visit the exhibition outside of the Private View, please contact TM Lighting to book an appointment.

About Carrie Jean Goldsmith

Carrie Jean Goldsmith uses various media to create abstract works with colour, light and tonal gradation key elements to her work. Goldsmith incorporates a layering process, celebrating the varying brush marks and luminosity of paint, resulting in a happening of sorts, the unforeseen. Goldsmith is a graduate of Sussex University in Visual Arts and has exhibited across the UK and Spain. Her work has been exhibited widely and two of her paintings were featured in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition in 2022.

Exhibition address and contact: TM Gallery, 7 Cubitt Street, London, WC1X 0HF | www.tmlighting.com | info@tmlighting.com | t: +44 (0)207 278 1600