14th July 2017

TM Lighting is thrilled to announce the launch of their newest picture light: the SlimLightPro

The TM Slim Light PRO is a modular, made-to-measure mini LED picture light that combines sleek aesthetics with high performance. This compact lighting solution is designed to illuminate canvases that reach an impressive height of up to 4 meters from a minimal profile housed in a 19mm diameter hood.

The TM Slim Light PRO stands out with its exceptional glare control and precise light distribution, ensuring that light is effectively projected downward onto the canvas. This targeted illumination enhances the visibility and aesthetic impact of the artwork enriching the viewer experience. This industry-leading picture light also boasts an impressive 97+ CRI (Color Rendering Index), ensuring that it accurately and faithfully reproduces the true colours of the artwork on display.

What sets the TM Slim Light PRO apart is its ability to maintain its compact design without compromising on optical performance. It achieves a delicate balance between form and function, providing an elegant and efficient lighting solution for private collections, art installations, or any space where showcasing large canvases is a priority.

With its capability to comfortably illuminate canvases as tall as 4 meters, the TM Slim Light PRO is a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing the visual appeal of artworks, making it a valuable addition to the world of art lighting and display.

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