11th December 2023


Patent-pending and unrivalled in the marketplace, the TM Masterlight sets a new industry standard, enabling the illumination of 4-metre high canvases from a minimal profile. Installed at the magnificent neoclassical Kenwood House, the TM MasterLight’s blend of innovative technology and cutting edge design allow the collection within Kenwood House to rightfully take centre stage while the lighting integrates seamlessly with its surroundings bringing museum-grade lighting to this historic home.

Available in three slender profiles – classic, square and round – this miniature LED picture light delivers targeted light distribution, ensuring each artwork is evenly lit. Equipped with a front cowl to control glare and featuring a unique adjustable trim, it enables the removal of spill light above the canvas. With a remarkable Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 97+, the TM MasterLight faithfully reproduces the colours and textures of the artworks, enriching the viewer experience.

Designed to inspire a more profound encounter with the world’s great masterpieces, the TM MasterLight transforms internationally significant art and art collections. Bringing to light some of the most notable works within Kenwood House, including Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait with Two Circles (c.1665) and Johannes Vermeer’s The Guitar Player (c. 1672), is an honour for TM Lighting. 

The TM MasterLight illuminates Rembrandt’s Self-Portrait with Two Circles at Kenwood House
The TM MasterLight illuminates Vermeer’s The Guitar Player at Kenwood House


We are delighted to announce we have achieved the certifications required to bring the next generation of art lighting to the global art market.

Our award-winning picture lights have been granted UL Safety Certification by US-based UL Solutions, a globally recognised cask marque grantor for technological safety. In doing so, we can introduce our now-certified picture lights to not only the North American market (UL is federally recognised), but also clients in 46 UL recognising countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Gulf.

The UL accreditation means that our products – already installed in galleries, museums, hospitality venues, historic houses, and private homes across the UK – can now bring art to light across the globe.

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