25th May 2017

This Summer, the Magma Group of artists will be exhibiting new paintings in a show entitled ‘Spectrum’. The theme of the show is in response to the exhibition venue, TM Lighting, designers and makers of specialist lighting products for the art market.

Works of intense colour saturations, and of relatively large scale will aim to create a dynamic with the lighting design. The artists have produced works that will particularly benefit from TM Lighting’s LED high colour rendition technology used to ensure the colour within each artwork is rich, the canvas evenly illuminated and the pigments conserved. The paintings will range between the figurative and abstract, and high-performance LED lighting will be used to excite the eye in interesting and subtle ways, to show the paintings at their optimum.

Private view: Wednesday 7th June, 6pm – 9pm

Exhibition dates: 8th June – 25th August 2017 open weekdays by appointment.

Location: TM Lighting Exhibition Space

Exhibiting artists:

Kimbal Quist Bumstead
Siro Carraro
Dagmar Dost-Nolden
Michael Hutchison
Carolina Khouri
Andrew McDonald
Gary William Myatt
Annie Zamero

Images by the artists can be seen at www.themagmagroup.co.uk

About TM Gallery:

TM Gallery is a not-for-profit platform supporting both emerging and established artists across artistic disciplines. As part of its commitment to bring art to light, the TM Gallery is illuminated with energy-efficient, conservation friendly LED spotlights. Our gallery range provides 97+ CRI high colour rendition, and features a variety of wide beam quick change lenses that varies the beam width with ease and simplicity.

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